Mayor Andre Dickens Proposes Largest Budget In The History Of Atlanta

Mayor Andre Dickens released his proposed budget for the city of Atlanta in 2024. At $790 million, it will stand as the largest budget in the history of the city. 

Dickens’ proposal will the set the city’s budget process in motion ahead of the start of the fiscal year in June. 

Several of the highlights in Dickens’ proposal includes: 

  • $10 million for city employee pay raises, including a cost-of-living adjustment.
  • Over $8 million for the city’s affordable housing trust fund, up 15% from last year’s contribution.
  • Over $6 million for various youth programming, youth centers and summer youth employment.
  • $6.2 million for new police and fire department equipment and vehicles.

Dickens has also proposed funding for his Year of the Youth initiative. 

  • $1.8 million in operations of our At-Promise Youth Centers;
  • ●$2 million in youth programming in the Department of Parks & Recreation;
  • ●$2.5 million in American Rescue Plan Act funds for summer youth employment; and
  • ●Additional youth centered investments across all City service areas.

The budget allows the Dickens Administration to double down on progress made over the last 16 months, during which the City has filled more than 12,000 potholes, cut 911 caller wait times, brought down violent crime, invested in Atlanta’s public safety personnel, began construction on thousands of affordable housing units, expanded the City’s greenspace by nearly 270 acres and more.

In addition to the investments made in the budget, the City has also begun deploying dollars from the $750 million Moving Atlanta Forward infrastructure package and has secured additional Federal infrastructure dollars for use in the City and the airport.

“This budget is our statement of intent to double down on the progress we have made and our commitment to making Atlanta the best place in the nation to raise a child,” Dickens wrote in a statement. “In a city with the potential of ours, we can and should make all of the critical investments necessary to ensure that residents across Atlanta benefit from best-in-class service delivery in a safe environment focused on inclusive prosperity.”

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