Janet Jackson Takes Fans On A Musical Journey With ‘Together Again’ Tour

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For over four decades, Janet Jackson has remained a staple in the music industry while inspiring a multitude of artists and connecting generations. 

Hitting the road for the first time since 2019, Jackson proves that she hasn’t missed a beat with the “Together Again” tour. On the final week of April, Jackson made her way to Atlanta. Scheduled for two shows on back-to-back dates at the State Farm Arena, Jackson’s second show was postponed due to the Atlanta Hawks vs. Boston Celtics playoff game. 

Jackson returned to State Farm Arena for her second show on April 28. 

In front of a capacity crowd, the show opened with a montage of photos from Jackson’s illustrious career captioned, “50 years of me.” 

Jackson entered the stage covered in a long purple robe, beginning with the song “Damita Jo.” With male dancers in tow, she would eventually unrobe, revealing a sparking gold pants suit as she sung hits such as “Feedback,” “Got Til It’s Gone,” and “That’s The Way Love Goes.”

Jackson would leave the stage for her first wardrobe change, returning with a black-and-white themed set while wearing a long black and white dress. She would take the audience back to the ’80s by performing hits such as “What Have You Done For Me Lately,” “Nasty,” and the “Pleasure Principle.” Jackson would share that “When I Think of You” was her first No. 1 hit single before ending the act with the liberating, “Control.”

She would slow things down with the third act by bringing her live band closer to the front of the stage while presenting a jazz or blues club vibe. Jackson would sing ballads such as “Come Back to Me,” “Let’s Wait Awhile,” “Any Time, Any Place,” and “I Get Lonely.”

The fourth act would represent a more vibrant feeling as Jackson and dancers returned to the stage wearing pink as brighter lights added a glow to the stage. During this act, she would perform songs such as “Come On Get Up” “Free Xone,” and “Girlfriend/Boyfriend.”

In the final act, Jackson would and her dancers would wear all black as she delved into more combative songs that represented her willingness to inspire the fight for freedom. Wearing a “Rhythm Nation” shirt, Jackson sung “New Agenda” which contains the lyrics, “History hidden from me, To hide my identity, So I’d never feel, I am somebody, You’ve gouged my eyes I see more clearly.” 

Jackson would take a moment to return to her more joyous songs such as “Miss You Much,” “Love Will Never Do,” “Alright” and “Escapade.”

She would close with her powerful hits such as the Michael Jackson-collaboration “Scream,” the rock-inspired “Black Cat,” and the cultural-changing “Rhythm Nation.”

Overall, Jackson proves that she can still put on an awe-inspiring show for nearly two hours non-stop. She continues to perform at a high level while providing the blueprint for a new generation of R&B and pop stars. 


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