Atlanta City Council Celebrates Grady’s Expansion in Atlanta’s West End

District 4 Council member Jason S. Dozier issued the following statement in response to Grady Health’s expansion in Atlanta’s West End:

“I’m thrilled to hear about Grady’s expansion of healthcare services in West End. The ongoing health and economic crisis has hit southwest Atlanta communities the hardest, and we’ve learned more than ever how crucial it is to ensure all people have access to quality healthcare. This clinic will help ensure that all people, especially Atlanta’s most vulnerable, have those basic needs met,” Dozier said. “Many local hospitals were strained by COVID-19 and still haven’t fully recovered. This new Grady Neighborhood Clinic will fill a critical gap. Access to primary care physicians will help residents stay healthy, prevent disease, and ensure a better quality of life. This will not only serve District 4 residents, but close proximity to both the BeltLine and the future Lee Street Trail means that Atlantans can walk, bike, and ride transit to a healthcare provider. Thank you to the Grady Health family for your commitment to our communities and to District 4.”

About Atlanta City Council

The Atlanta City Council is the chief policy-making body for the City of Atlanta. It acts by considering and enacting all laws that govern the City. The Council also approves the operating and capital budgets for the City as recommended by the mayor, and it continually monitors revenues and expenditures for local government operations. The Council reviews and has final say on many land-use and zoning matters. Major economic development projects for the City also fall under the Council’s consideration.

Comprised of 12 districts and three at-large posts, Council representatives include: Council President: Doug Shipman; District 1: Jason Winston; District 2: Amir Farokhi; District 3: Byron Amos; District 4: Jason S. Dozier; District 5: Liliana Bakhtiari; District 6: Alex Wan; District 7: Howard Shook; District 8: Mary Norwood; District 9: Dustin Hillis; District 10: Andrea L. Boone; District 11: Marci Collier Overstreet; District 12: Antonio Lewis; Post 1 At-Large: Michael Julian Bond; Post 2 At-Large: Matt Westmoreland; and Post 3 At-Large: Keisha Sean Waites.

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