Video Shows Officer Grabbed Black Teacher By Neck, Dragged Her Down Hallway

A school resource officer in Georgia appears to have been caught on camera dragging a substitute teacher by her throat as she tried to break up a fight between students.

According to WSB, the incident involving 22-year-old substitute teacher Nia King and an officer occurred at Eagle’s Landing High School in Henry County.

King said she tried to talk the students out of fighting before they got physical. While trying to break up the altercation, a school resource officer put their arm around King’s neck and dragged her down a hallway, according to a video of the incident.

“Once we pushed down the hall, I got trampled from the left to the right of the hall, and now I’m back into the middle of the fight,” King explained to WSB. “As I was back in the middle of the fight, the SRO just grabs me by the neck, and the fight is still continuing to go on, and she dragged me all the way from the middle of the hall towards her office.”

King said the officer later offered her aid and claimed she was trying to save the substitute teacher from the fight.

“She asked me do I need EMS do, I need the nurse, and do I need some water. I just told her I just need you to leave because you just drug me from that point to this point, and I couldn’t breathe, but you wouldn’t talk,” King said. “She stepped out, and then she came back in and told me oh, I was trying to save you. I was trying to save you because they say you got hit.”

Henry County Police Captain Randy Lee said the department is working with the school to investigate the incident. Lee noted that chokeholds and neck restraints aren’t taught in training.

Watch the video here.

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