YSL, Young Thug Case Could End In Mistrial After Interrogation Video Leaks And Goes Viral

The controversial YSL case could be heading towards a mistrial after a shocking interrogation video was leaked. Last week, a three-hour interrogation video featuring YSL member and rapper Lil Woody, whose real name is Kenneth Copeland, was leaked to social media. 

The video stems from an arrest in 2021 where Lil Woody was pulled over by authorities in Fulton County who discovered a weapon on him. A convicted felon who had previously served time on a weapons charge, Lil Woody was facing 10 years in prison for having the gun. Without a lawyer present, Lil Woody told authorities about several crimes that occurred, crimes that were about to occur, and was willing to help get a confession from Young Thug and other YSL members.

Lil Woody’s gun charge was dropped one month before Young Thug and other YSL members were arrested in May 2022. 

Months before the video was leaked, Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis spoke out against witnesses being threatened.  It’s highly likely that prosecutors were going to use Lil Woody as a star witness who could pin several crimes on YSL. 

However, the leak has added another wrinkle to a case that’s already complicated. 

Following the leak, a lawyer who represents YSL member Jayden Myrick argued for a mistrial stating that the video will lead to her client having an unfair trial. “While said evidence may not directly implicate my client, it along with all of the publicity and courtroom incidents since the start of this trial … make it impossible for him to receive a fair trial, as well as a jury that is honestly and truly fair and impartial,” Gina Bernard wrote.

Myrick is serving a life sentence for the murder of Christian Broder in 2018. 

The judge has yet to decide on a motion for a mistrial where there are 14 remaining defendants. The prosecution believes that rapper Young Thug is the leader of YSL where several members are connected to various crimes, including murder. 

The YSL case is expected to last for about nine months. Although jury selection started on Jan. 4, not a single person has been picked for the jury.  




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