Mayor Andre Dickens Responds To Rocket Community Fund’s ‘Neighbor To Neighbor’ Initiative

Rocket Community Fund, a Detroit-based firm, recently announced a collaboration with Partnership for Southern Equity (PSE) and Atlanta BeltLine Partnership for the “Neighbor to Neighbor” initiative.

“Neighbor to Neighbor” aims to prevent displacement and increase livability through door-to-door canvassing efforts.

Mayor Andre Dickens spoke about the collaboration during a press conference held at the Russell Innovation Center for Entrepreneurs. 

“We’re now the first southern city that’s going to have this program, the rest of it is in the Midwest,” Mayor Dickens said. “You’ve chosen Atlanta and we are grateful for that. As America’s largest mortgage lender, your reach is incredible and it has allowed you to become a leader in partnering with cities to help address housing instability. The folks at Rocket believe that a stable housing is foundational and is connected to nearly everything that we value for our families.”

Robert Lockett of Rocket Community Fund shared how homeowners will be able to identify those who participate in canvasing efforts. Those in the program will wear special clothing.

“They’ll be identifiable,” Lockett said. “When individuals knock on the doors [the residents] will know it’s not a stranger. It’s not someone coming to you trying to buy their home. They’re delivering services. This is a first of its kind program that’s happening at the residential level.”

PSE is  also excited to be a partner in this effort, which is part of a mission to advance economic inclusion through promoting and increasing equity in the distribution of income, wealth building, employment and entrepreneurship among vulnerable populations.

With Black and brown homeowners being left out when it comes to access to opportunities and resources, this program provides a great catalyst to introducing citizens to the right resources.

“There’s a direct link between safe, quality, and affordable housing,” Dickens said. “That link is direct to education, your health and your wealth. It’s important to provide safe, stable housing for people and provide opportunities for them to thrive.”



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