Raphael Warnock Joins D-Nice, Killer Mike For ‘Shop Talk’ Ahead Of Election Day

On the day before Election Day, Sen. Raphael Warnock made his final pitch to voters by making an appearance at the Swag Shop barbershop in Atlanta. Owned by Killer Mike, the barbershop is located in blocks away from Ebenezer Baptist Church where Warnock serves as pastor. 

Warnock was joined by Killer Mike and D-Nice. 

“We consider the barber shop as the place where you come to get swagged up, shave, washed, and groomed,” Killer Mike said during the discussion. “But it is also a social center, especially in the African-American communities where you find out who did what. And I’ve been terribly impressed by this man as a human being, as a member of the clergy and as a politician. I am here today to give a shot to him so that we may all give an ear to him. We should get out to the polls.” 

Warnock spoke about the hurdles that voters faced during the run-off election such as access to early voting on the Saturday after Thanksgiving. 

Photo by: A.R. Shaw

“The cure for much of what troubles us is the voices of the people,” Warnock said. “And so we have to fight and make sure that the people get to speak. State officials started playing games said that we couldn’t vote on the Saturday after Thanksgiving. They said that there was a law on the books that would not allow us to vote two days after a holiday. And the holidays they cited was the one that honors the birthday of Confederate General Robert E. Lee. You can’t make this stuff up. And so as a man of prayer, I prayed about it. And then I sued them.”

Warnock and the Democratic Party won the lawsuit and early voting was allowed on the Saturday following Thanksgiving. In turn, millions of Georgians showed up to the polls and voted early, breaking records. 

Warnock also urged voters to use their voices by voting on Dec. 6. 

“Show up, it makes a huge difference,” Warnock said. “You’re looking at the difference that it makes. You think they gave us this office. We showed up. If there was any way they could have denied it, they would have tried it. So we need you to show up. One more time. When we show up, we win.”

Warnock will face-off against the enigmatic Herschel Walker on Dec. 6.   

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