Joint Investigation Results in Arrest of Suspect in East Point Apartment Fire and Charges of Murder

Joint Investigation Results in Arrest of Suspect in East Point Apartment Fire
and Charges of Murder and Child Cruelty

 A joint investigation between the East Point Fire Department and East Point Police Department has resulted in the arrest of a suspect and charges of murder and cruelty to children in connection with the fire at the Brookfield Apartments on November 23, 2022.

The suspect, 27-year-old Nicole Ashley Jackson, has been Charged with 1 (one) count of Malice
Murder; 1 (one) count of Felony Murder; Criminal Attempt to Commit Murder and 2 (two)
counts of Cruelty to Children in the 1st Degree.

Jackson was apprehended as a result of an intense investigation launched by the East Point Fire
Department in the wake of the massive fire at the Brookfield Apartments, located at 3072
Washington Road on Thanksgiving Eve. East Point Fire Units were dispatched following a call
to 911 from an Apartment resident who indicated a fire was underway and spreading in a
building. Upon arrival, Firefighters discovered plumes of heavy smoke streaming from a
building in the rear of the complex and evacuations underway. A minor, who sustained what
was believed to be fire related injuries was transported to a local hospital. This minor it was
later discovered was the twin sister to the child who would later be found dead in the apartment.
Firefighters rapidly laid lines and began a defensive attack. Mutual Aid was requested from
College Park Fire Rescue and City of South Fulton Fire Rescue due to the intensity of the blaze.
Once a knock down was achieved, Search and Rescue began, and it was during this phase that
the body of a female minor was discovered in Building D in a bedroom on the upper level of an
eight-unit, two-story brick complex.

At the time, it was believed a second individual was in the apartment, but unaccounted for. As
a result, Firefighters began an intense search for that second individual/fire victim, continuing
efforts overnight into the next day. Once it was determined there was only one fire fatality (the
minor), the case immediately shifted from being a search and rescue for a second victim to a
possible missing person.

Immediately, Fire Investigators filed a Missing Person Report, and requested the assistance of
the East Point Police Department. Once a BOLO (Be On The Look Out) was filed, East Point
Fire and Police received a tip that the suspect was in the area of Fulton Industrial. A team of
Investigators from both Departments swarmed the area where the suspect was located, and made
an arrest without incident.

It was during the interview and interrogation stage, that Nicole Ashley Jackson gave a
confession, which resulted in her being charged.

Fire Chief Corey Thornton said he assigned multiple investigators to solve this case because of
its complexity and the volume of evidence. “Our suspicion was heightened that foul play was
involved due to the acceleration of the fire,” stated Chief Thornton. “We know the suspect used
some type of unknown accelerant, which explains why the fire spread so quickly, causing
massive damage, and this forced me to allocate all the resources at my disposal to quickly gather
and secure evidence and locate a possible suspect. Consequently, I assigned more Investigators
than normal to this case because we knew arson was involved, and the murder of a child possibly

Chief Thornton said his entire Department has felt the heaviness of this incident. “We will have
grief counselors speak with all fire personnel impacted by this tragedy. It has weighed heavily
among many, not only those who discovered the deceased, but everyone because we are all

The Fire Department would like to thank the multiple agencies involved in helping to solve this
case. These include the College Park Fire Department, the City of South Fulton Fire
Department, and on the investigative side, the State of Georgia Fire Marshal’s Office, the East
Point Police Department, and the Fulton County District Attorney’s Office.


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