Be the Light Career Center Brings Out Hundreds for Better Jobs

Insight Global Launches National Hiring Partnership in Atlanta

Insight Global’s recent Be The Light Career Center job fair at Turner Field was not by any means your run of the mill job recruitment affair, but neither the employment development organization. The staffing agencies creative and multi-pronged approach to scaling up job training, leveraging participant work experiences and skills, and honing in on target populations to provide next level training for employees and job seekers in metro Atlanta.

On Saturday Nov. 12 Insight Global cemented its place in work force development with an innovative, first of its kind job fair to connect participants with past entry level positions and assist them with identifying career paths and commanding salaries to sustain themselves and their families. The Be the Light Career Center on Saturday, Nov. 12 saw more than 300 local Atlanta job seekers coursing through an impressively and thoughtfully constructed outdoor complex for job assessments, skills development, comprehensive course training and counseling – all designed to grow and gain confidence to land their next job.  

“[This event] is for anybody who feels like they’re not being taken care of in their current job … or it may be somebody who doesn’t have a job. But it is for somebody who wants to figure out how they can build a career in a more meaningful way … and starting that process, we help them do that,” explained Insight Global CEO Bert Bean. “It’s really for anybody who wants to get in the process of building a career.”

More than a cattle call for the underemployed and the unemployed, Global Insight’s hiring of One/35 Marketing, African American woman led marketing firm, to focus organizing and participant recruitment to the right communities and help meld the objectives of both the individuals looking to level up and the companies looking to hire.

“We have more than 50 community partners from Big Brothers Big Sisters of Atlanta, Gear Up and Thrive Social Services that serve our HIV/AIDs population. We have HYPE and that is a Hispanic community organization that helps assess communities,” explained Bree Davis, Social Impact Program Manager for Insight Global. “There are just a wealth of individuals and organizations who have rallied together to really foster and hone in to owning a holistic approach to connecting to communities that we are making an intentional purpose to serve.”

Insight Global concentrated its efforts to attract metro Atlanta job seekers from University St. to Donald Lee Hollowell and from Bankhead all the way to Northside Drive and Gwinnett County. “We put six billboards up and [utilized] radio and social media influencing.  … The key here is to connect to communities and build those relationships,” said Insight Global’s Bree Davis.

The factors that go into delivering on a project of this scale are too numerous to name and sometimes too involved to even fathom for the faint of heart, But the company that hires 1,500 recruiters annually to work for the company, is also scouting the hiring event for potential hires.

The cutting-edge staffing initiative is mobile and Insight Global is scheduled to take the hiring spectacular on the road to visit 12 other cities and deliver prime service where the need is greatest. Selected cities include; Houston, Bentonville, Nashville, Boston, Charlotte, Cleveland, Minneapolis, Denver, Seattle and Oakland, CA.

“During and beyond the tour we’ll continue to offer workshops … we’re not waiting for job seekers to come to us, we’re going to them, where they are,” added Davis.

“We think fundamentally that people can just learn things and if you will take a risk on them … it could pay off,” shares Bean. “When we see a good fit we encourage [companies] to look beyond the job description [or the resume] and we say to them we have someone who has … has high character, hard work, grit along with a willingness to learn,” said Bean, adding “we want people to see that they can do big things.”

Insight Global has 67 offices globally and pledges to place more than 80,000 people in jobs in 2022.

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