Elections Have Consequences: Gov. Brian Kemp Cleared To Enforce Work Requirements For Medicaid

With the re-election of Gov. Brian Kemp, Georgia citizens who depend on Medicaid could have a harder time receiving health care. Georgia is reportedly cleared to implement work requirements for Medicaid. 

A federal court ruling allows for Georgia to implement work provisions for people who need Medicaid. In a strange decision, the Biden Administration failed to appeal the federal court’s ruling. 

Kemp’s plan for Medicaid could lead to an enforcement of 80 hours of work per month for Georgia citizens to remain eligible. 

During Donald Trump’s tenure in the White House, he accepted Kemp’s plan to enforce work requirements, but the Biden Administration initially rejected the plan. However, a federal judge ruled that the Biden Administration overstepped its authority. 

Work requirements for Medicaid has only occurred once in American history. In 2018, Arkansas implemented work requirements for Medicaid and over 18,000 people eventually loss coverage. A federal court would later strike down Arkansas work requirements. 

The issue with implementing a work requirement for Medicaid would impact individuals who are too sick to work, the disabled, and those who reside in areas where hiring is scarce. 

In her attempt at becoming Georgia’s Governor, Stacey Abrams campaigned on expanding Medicaid which would have covered over 450,000 citizens. Kemp’s plan would only cover roughly 50,000. 

Kemp campaigned on his decision to keep Georgia running during the early days of the pandemic. However, his policies, restricting voter rights and failure to expand Medicaid, will hurt many of the people in Georgia who decided to keep him in office. 




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