Kyrie overtakes LeBron as most hated player, study shows

by Josh Barton

There’s a new villain in the NBA, and the name should come to no one’s surprise.

Kyrie Irving has supplanted LeBron James as the “NBA’s Most Hated Player,” according to a new social media survey. collected more than 100,000 tweets from October 18 (start of the season) through November 9 with a geo-tracking program, which analyzed negative sentiment tweets, hashtags and direct keyword phrases to see which NBA player was the most disliked or “hated” in every state in the country.

For example, phrases such as, “I hate LeBron,” “I hate Kyrie,” “I don’t like Durant,” etc. were tracked in each of the 50 states.

As you can see from the below map, two players dominated the findings while three others were named in a handful of states. No other player beat out one of these five in any state.

Infomap that displays who each state “voted” the league’s most disliked player:

The state breakdown is as follows:

Kyrie Irving – 28 states

LeBron James – 17 states

Ben Simmons – 3 states

Kevin Durant – 1 state

Draymond Green – 1 state

It’s interesting to see that Simmons is the most hated in Pennsylvania and the surrounding states. And it’s apparent that the Twitter folks in Phoenix have love for Draymond Green.

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