‘Atlanta Daily World’ Endorsement: Why Stacey Abrams Should Serve As The Next Governor Of Georgia

The state of Georgia can make history in 2022. If Stacey Abrams is elected governor of the state, she will become the first Black woman in America to serve in that role. Abrams’ being elected as governor will follow in the historical achievements in a state that served as the birthplace of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and the cradle of the Civil Rights Movement. 

But beyond the historical significance, Abrams stands as the better candidate for governor of the state of Georgia. When it comes to healthcare, voter rights, women’s rights, crime, and the economy, Abrams stands as the better option for Georgia voters. 

Over the past four years, Gov. Brian Kemp has stood with the Republican Party in their quest to suppress Black voters. Kemp signing the controversial Senate Bill 202 served as a strong example of his overt willingness to suppress voters. SB202 was issued in direct response to the 2020 election where Democrats pulled off an upset by winning the traditionally Republican state of Georgia. The bill made it a crime for someone who is not an election worker to give food or beverage to any elector waiting in line to vote. In some polling locations, voters have waited in line for over eight hours.

Furthermore, under the previous law, voters could request their absentee ballots 180 days before the election and the county could mail them 49 days before Election Day. SB202 states that ballots can be requested 78 days before an election and can’t be mailed until 29 days before Election Day. This has already created havoc. Three days before the election, Cobb County officials admitted that 1,048 ballots were not mailed. 

Even before he became Governor, Kemp used his authority to suppress Black voters. In 2010, Kemp had 12 Black Georgians arrested after they organized and helped African Americans win the majority on Brooks County’s Board of Education. There were 120 felony charges and no convictions.

Abrams remains a proponent of voter’s rights by helping to register more than 800,000 new voters. 

In terms of healthcare, Abrams seeks to expand Medicaid, address healthcare inequality, and reverse staffing shortages at medical facilities. During Kemp’s term, he decided against expanding Medicaid which is money allotted by the federal government. As a result, over 500,000 Georgians lack healthcare. The elderly and Blacks in rural communities are mostly impacted by Kemp’s decision to disregard Medicaid. 

Moreover, under Kemp’s administration, six hospitals have closed including Atlanta Medical Center which closed six days before the election. 

Women’s rights are also an issue under Kemp. Georgia’s controversial “Heartbeat Bill” makes it illegal for women to have an abortion after six weeks of pregnancy, before most women know they’re pregnant. 

When it comes to crime, Abrams will seek to expand mental health and behavioral therapy while closing the background check loophole for the private transfers of weapons at gun show. Kemp’s gun laws have made it easier for anyone, including criminals, to obtain a weapon because there is no need for anyone to have a gun permit. 

In terms of the economy, Abrams seeks to invest $10 million in unique, easy-to-use small business financing programs that will help grow customers and commerce.

Overall, Abrams stands as a champion for women, the working class, and the Black community. With Republicans across America seeking to overturn Affirmative Action making it harder for Blacks to enroll in colleges and universities; creating stricter voter laws; erase the teaching of Black history in schools with false “Critical Race Theory” hoopla; and embrace the backwards logic of Trumpism, it’s time for Georgia voters to make the right decision and vote Stacey Abrams as the next Governor of Georgia. 



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