Over 1 Million Vote Early In 2022 Georgia Election, Smashing Previous Record

Voters in Georgia are letting their voices be heard in record numbers. On Oct. 24, the state of Georgia surpassed 1 million votes during the early voting period. The polls opened on Oct. 17 and a record was broken in just seven days. 

In comparison, about 590,000 people participated in early voting in 2018. 

On the first day of voting this year, over 134,000 people cast ballots. On the second day, more voters went to the polls pushing the two-day voting total to 268,000. Over 40 percent of early voters come from the metro Atlanta area. 

Georgia voters are inspired because this election will have a major impact on the nation’s political landscape as several key races are taking place.

Stacey Abrams can make history by becoming the first Black woman in America to serve as governor if she defeats the incumbent, Brian Kemp.  

In the Senate race, Sen. Raphael Warnock is facing Herschel Walker, an odd candidate who appears less qualified for the job, but has the backing of prominent Republicans. 

In the Congressional race, Marcus Flowers is seeking to upset the erratic Republican, Marjorie Taylor Greene. 

For more information on where early voting is taking place in Georgia, visit Elections Website. 

Election day will take place on Nov. 8. 




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