Herschel Walker Admits To Signing $700 Check Used For Abortion

Herschel Walker has finally admitted that he signed a check that was used for an abortion. During an interview with “TODAY,” Walker, a Republican Senate candidate who claims to be anti-abortion, initially pushed back against the claim made by his ex-partner. 

“It’s a lie,” Walker, said.“Prove that I did that. Just to show me things like that does nothing for me.”

The interviewer challenged the claim by showing Walker a copy of a $700 check that featured his signature. After looking at the check, Walker admitted to signing the check. 

Before the interview, Walker initially claimed that he did not know the woman. But it was later discovered that she is his child’s mother. 

During the “TODAY” interview, Walker said that he wrote many checks to the woman and did not know what it was used for. However, the woman told “TODAY” that it was the only check she had ever received from the embattled candidate. 

When asked why voter should believe him, Walker said, “Voters believe me because I have been very transparent about everything I’ve ever done. You know I wrote a book about everything I have done, I have not tried to hide one thing I’ve ever done.”

The interview aired two days after Walker lied about being a law enforcement agent by showing off a fake police badge during a debate against Sen. Raphael Warnock. 



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