Herschel Walker grants ‘Rolling out’ exclusive to address campaign attacks

(Atlanta, Ga) GA Republican senate candidate and former football star Herschel Walker sat down with rolling out magazine for an exclusive interview in preparation of the voter registration deadline on Oct. 11. In the midst of a volatile race against incumbent Sen. (D) Raphael Warnock, Walker said it was important for Georgia residents to hear him address allegations his opponent’s campaign have leveled against him.

Walker’s three-part cover interview with ro senior editor Christal Jordan addresses the belief that he is being used as a pawn for the Republican Party, his publicized history of domestic violence and his allegiance to law enforcement in the face of repeated violence against Blacks by the police.

“People say that I’m against the Black community and that’s a bold lie spun by those against me. I’m a Black man and the person closest to my heart is a Black woman, my mother. Anyone that knows me, knows I’m a family man. I love my sisters, my father and my extended family, I know where I come from, but I also know the only way to move forward is through unity. A house divided against itself cannot stand and Georgia needs unity not division,” he says.

Rolling out publisher Munson Steed says it’s often an uphill battle getting politicians and corporations to acknowledge the need to support and have exclusive and relevant conversations with Black media. “It’s our responsibility as a leading Black-owned media outlet to provide a platform for politicians seeking to work on behalf of our communities. Information is power and we have accepted the responsibility to educate our people.

Mr. Walker welcomed us into his family home for an exclusive conversation. Our goal is to have a similar conversation with Sen. Warnock so we are able to provide our readership with the facts to make a fully informed decision when they go to the polls in November.”

Rolling out will release the first part of the exclusive interview at noon on Monday, Sept. 26. Additional segments will be released later in the week with the exclusive cover issue hitting newsstands Thursday, Sept. 29.

You can view the first part of this exclusive conversation here:

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