Gunna Teams Up With Goodr To Provide Free Food And Clothes For Students

Gunna recently teamed up with Goodr to relaunch “Gunna’s Goodr Grocery Store and Drip Closet” at McNair Middle School in College Park, Georgia. The store and closet serves over 900 students and features foods, snacks, and toiletries. There’s also a “Drip Closet” which allows students to pick clothes and sneakers.

Although the rapper is currently awaiting trial, he did want to continue the efforts at his former middle school.

During the relaunch, Goodr CEO Jasmine Crowe shared her thoughts:

“We have just opened year two of the Gunna grocery store that was founded by Gunna in 2021. We have to acknowledge that he can not be here due to his current legal situation. But it was really important to keep this store going because nearly 900 Students attend school here. This was previously a failing middle School. Up to 70% of children in College Park live in poverty. So when his situation occurred in May, I was really worried. His family decided to keep the legacy going with his support. This is an incredible resource that so many students and their families had access to last year and so we are grateful for that…It’s been an incredible impact. Middle school is pivotal age in so many kids lives. And I always think of it as being an age where a lot of kids start to understand their situation. You really see the impact if your parents are struggling. But know, if there is a resource that they’re lacking at home, they can pick it up and bring it home for their family. I’m just so happy that we can continue this going. It means a lot to me.”

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