Mayor Andre Dickens Announces Bonuses for Police Officers and Premium Pay Increases for Frontline Workers

Mayor Andre Dickens Continues to Put People First, Announcing Bonuses to Recognize and Retain Police Officers and Premium Pay Increases for City’s Frontline Workers

ATLANTA — Doubling down on his commitment to support the City of Atlanta’s workforce, Atlanta Mayor Andre Dickens today announced new retention bonuses for uniformed police personnel and premium pay increases for the City’s other frontline workers.

“Since my first day in office, I have prioritized supporting the women and men who serve our City residents,” said Mayor Dickens. “These pay increases are in recognition of the enormous dedication our police officers, firefighters and other frontline workers have shown to Atlanta.”

Mayor Dickens is making these one-year commitments in advance of a pay and class study to be conducted this year that will provide guidance for future compensation for all City employees.

Atlanta Police Officers, Investigators, Sergeants and Lieutenants will receive a $4,000 retention bonus. The bonuses, which will be extended to sworn officers of all service tenures, are in addition to the 2 percent citywide cost-of-living increases proposed in Mayor Dickens’ budget. In sum, these uniformed personnel will see total year compensation increases ranging from 5.9 percent to 10.25 percent. Atlanta Police Captains, Majors and Chiefs will receive $1,000 retention bonuses.

In addition to today’s pay announcements, all eligible sworn employees in fire, police, corrections and E911 will this week receive $1,000 in supplemental pay through funding awarded to the City by the State of Georgia’s Public Safety Officials and First Responders program. Eligible employees are those who were employed with the City in August 2021.

Mayor Dickens also announced that more than 1,500 City frontline employees – including transportation, public works, parks & recreation and other workers – will receive enhanced premium pay of $4.12 per hour over their base pay. Premium pay of $3.12 per hour instituted during the COVID-19 pandemic had been set to expire this month. Mayor Dickens has committed to extending that premium pay and is also expanding it by $1 per hour for the next year. Mayor Dickens is also extending additional premium pay to Department of Watershed Management frontline employees to ensure a minimum base rate of $19.12 per hour. All frontline employees will additionally receive the 2 percent citywide cost-of-living increase of their base salaries.

Today’s announcements will be funded by reallocations of the City’s American Rescue Plan funding. The plus-ups add to Mayor Dickens’ increases for Atlanta Firefighters announced last week.

The Dickens Administration consulted with City employee unions, including the International Brotherhood of Police Local 623, and the Atlanta City Council when considering the compensation increases.

“In his first five months in office, Mayor Dickens has shown that he understands the importance of recruiting and retaining qualified Police Officers,” said the Executive Board of IBPO Local 623. “We appreciate his Administration’s commitment and look forward to a continued collaborative relationship as we further our shared public safety goals.”


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