Why Hyundai IONIQ Series Appeals to African American Buyers [video]

Why Hyundai IONIQ Series Appeals to African American Buyers and the Leading by Example car campaign

Hyundai’s been making major buzz in the auto industry with Hyundai’s popular IONIQ 5 electrical vehicle series/fleet for consumers with an eye on the future of an eco-focused world for the next generation of drivers. If we can attach an attribute to an EV – this EV – it would be humanitarian. The car has received top honors and special recognition from automotive writers for its focus on the future of the environment, allaying driving range fears and easing concerns regarding charging abilities. In the event of an emergency the IONIQ 5 can even power a home.

Real Times Media recently spoke with Erik Thomas Sr., Hyundai’s Group Manager, Experiential Marketing about the IONIQ 5, its connection with Black consumers and the Leading By Example campaign.

“At all times we are trying to merchandise the product and the brand, but more importantly we are trying to connect the African American buyer in a relatable way to be inclusive so people can see themselves in the brand,” explains Thomas of the car’s poignant advertisement (featuring Marvin Wayans III, grandson of Pastor Wayans) having a male bonding moment during a leisurely drive. The commercial spot emphasizes intergenerational relationships, family ties and a heritage of respect for culture and kinship.

“The spot really celebrates the African American mentor relationships that older men have with younger males and … the real positivity comes through (while really allowing the car to shine as well),” added Thomas.

On the IONIQ 5’s appeal to the drivers …

We’re really on the cusp of a big cultural shift regardless of brand and there is a tremendous opportunity to educate buyers about the electric product and why it’s important to take a look now. Previously with electric vehicles, consumers had range anxiety, and that’s not just with African American buyers it’s with all buyers. But this car has a range of 300 miles. Another concern was how long does it take to charge. … Now with this electric vehicle, you can go from 10 percent to 80 percent in 18 minutes on a rapid recharge. We’re removing these barriers and now is the perfect opportunity to look [at EVs], especially in the wake of current gas prices.

On the EV lifestyle …

Electrified vehicles offer certain virtues. I can take my electric vehicle home at night and plug it in … and I’m at 100 percent the next morning. That’s a convenience gas vehicles don’t offer … going to the gas station every day is not a convenience factor and certainly, the fluctuation in gas prices is more than an inconvenience. … And for long-distance travel, there are charging stations that will allow you to drive from coast to coast.

On promoting EVs to Black Americans …

Typically, African Americans come along later in getting [access] to new technology, but we’re saying that our community is a priority now, and that we are a part of this phenomenon that is taking hold with all of the different electrified options that are out there. It is for the African American community and all communities.


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