Blunt-Smoking Senate Candidate Lights Confederate Flag On Fire In New Video

Photo: Getty Images

The blunt-smoking Black candidate from Louisiana running for US Senate is once again causing a stir online after dropping new campaign video.

Gary Chambers first went viral for his no-stutter speech calling out a Baton Rouge school board member who was online shopping while parents and communities members pushed for a school to be renamed.

Now, he’s running for US Senate and is letting people know exactly where he stands on certain issues, including this nation’s racist past.

In January, Chambers posted a campaign video entitled “37 Seconds” that featured the 37-year-old smoking marijuana. The Senate hopeful is back, this time he’s burning Confederate flags.

The 60-second video, “Scars and Bars” shows Chambers putting a Confederate flag on a clothes line before dousing it in gas and lighting it on fire. Chambers is narrating the video, reciting pieces of the Declaration of Independence.

“Here in Louisiana, and all over the South, Jim Crow never really left, and the remnants of the Confederacy remain,” Chambers says in the clip. “… The attacks on Black people, our right to vote, and participate in this democracy are methodical.”


Chambers is looking to replace incumbent Republican Sen. John Kennedy in the looming midterm election.

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