Andrew Young Peace Walk Marks 90 Years of Greatness [Video]

Thousands of Atlantans are expected to meet at Centennial Park at 10 a.m. this Thursday morning as part of the four-day-long 90th birthday celebration for civil rights icon Andrew Young. The 1.5 mile walk circles through downtown Atlanta passing the Mercedes-Benz Stadium starting on Andrew Young International Boulevard. It will end at the Rodney Cook Sr. Peace Park in Vine City.

March 12, 2022, is Young’s actual birthday. The beloved leader, widely considered one of the great peacemakers of all time has chosen to focus on “peace and reconciliation,” during the celebration which will conclude on March 12 with a grand birthday dinner gala,

Young said it is his hope that people will spend 90 minutes during the celebration in reconciliation with someone with whom they’ve had a difficult relationship.

Young, a former Atlanta mayor and United Nations Ambassador worked as executive director of SCLC, the Southern Christian Leadership Council, where he became a top strategist and trusted friend to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and witnessed his assassination.

On Wednesday, March 9, Rev. Andrew Young delivered the keynote interdenominational sermon in an unforgettable service at First Congregational Church in Atlanta, before a live audience and streamed to hundreds of churches around the world.

View the sermon in its entirety below.

According to the ambassador, “there has never been a time when our world needed to embrace peace and reconciliation more than today.”

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