Lizzo Flaunts Her Flawless Face While Recovering From Major Hangover

Photo: Getty Images

You can count on Lizzo to keep it all the way honest about feeling disheveled after a fun night of drinking. The “Truth Hurts” singer donned a multicolored robe and and high, braided ponytail as she served face for her millions of followers to see. She captioned the flawless face photos:

“Venus is retrograde and so is my hangover.’)

Lizzo’s serene pics comes just days after the Grammy Award winning star danced around her bathroom in a bodysuit and tights, candidly sharing with fans that although she’s gained a few lbs, she’s feels as good as she looks, captioning the clip:

“I gained weight. I look TF GOODT”

The songstress has never been shy about embracing body positivity. After catching flack for flaunting her physique in a mesh fit as she attended Cardi B‘s birthday party in October, Lizzo clapped back at the critics in a mini rant, saying:

“Go read the news, b***h, before I read you. Why are you worried about me?’ Kiss my a***.”

As for whether or not the body shamers will stop her from expressing herself on social media, Lizzo shared:

“I have nothing to hide. There’s no shame anymore. I just post myself. It’s like, you take me as I am. You don’t have to love me. I ’m going to continue to live in this body and survive in this body and be happy and actually enjoy life, I need to find a way to like myself. I was body negative for a long time. It’s not a political statement. It’s just my body.

Lizzo is goals.



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