Kodak Black Says He’ll Do A Verzuz With Jay-Z Under One Condition

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Many hip hop artists have spoken out about going up against Jay-Z in a Verzuz — but Kodak Black is upping the ante with a deal. The “Super Gremlin” rapper took to Twitter to put his bid in to battle Hov, all while offering him a deal, tweeting:

“I’ll do a [Verzuz] with Jay-Z, ‘IF’ he [wins] he [gets] 15% of my [catalogue]. [If] I win, he [makes] me Vice President of Roc Nation.”

Fans wasted no time hilariously responding to the Florida rapper. One follower tweeted:

“It’s just you 2000’s babies that think like this..Jay z is a legend he don’t have to rap another day in his life and his place in hip hop will forever be solidified. Can’t say the same for newbies though.

Meanwhile, Kodak fans flooded the comments with support for the the young star. One Twitter user responded:

“Yall have to remember Kodak is very versatile I believe he would win he’s better than biggie and pac Jay-Z have nothing on the Goat.”

The news comes just days after Black was arrested on a trespassing charge in South Florida. According to authorities, Black was taken into custody in his hometown of Pompano Beach early Saturday morning, but later posted bond and was released. Broward County Sheriff’s office has yet to release details on what led to Kodak’s arrest, and hasn’t responded for comments. However, sources say a deputy was responding to gunfire in the same area that Kodak was arrested in.

As for Jay-Z, he’s already declined doing a Verzuz battle against any artist. Sorry, Kodak.

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