City Council President and Mayoral candidate Felicia Moore Discusses Future of Atlanta

Recent political polls indicate that Atlanta City Council President and mayoral candidate Felicia Moore is well-positioned to earn a spot in the runoff election for Mayor of Atlanta in the Nov. 2 election for the top job. A 35-year resident of Atlanta and longtime civil servant Moore announced she is “running for Mayor because Atlanta is ready to move in a new direction, with new ideologies, creative solutions to long term problems, and unprecedented levels of community inclusion. I am ready to lead the way.”

A top contender in the race for Atlanta’s mayor recently revealed a comprehensive plan outlining how she intends to stem the city’s alarming rise in crime and increase public safety. Moore says she will apply a holistic approach that simultaneously focuses on the “Five Cs” of her campaign: children, cops, courts, code enforcement and community.

“We can’t just arrest our way out of this crisis, and we can’t just fall back on policies that worked five or ten years ago,” said Moore, who supports the development of a 21st-century police department and “breaking down the blue wall of silence that allows a few bad cops to bring shame on the badge.”

Moore’s prime objectives in these five critical policy areas are outlined in the video below and include ending the school to prison pipeline, police reform, preventing the release of violent and repeat offenders, enhanced code enforcement and community development.

“I love Atlanta with all of my heart, and I would not be running for Mayor of this great city if I didn’t believe with every fiber of my being that we can break the cycle of crime and violence together.”

Moore spoke with Real Times Media’s National News Director in an exclusive interview regarding her leadership and plans to manage a city in crisis.

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