Kemp Spews Misinformation in Desperate Defense of Unpopular COVID-19 Approach

Kemp Spews Misinformation in Desperate Defense of Unpopular COVID-19 Approach

As Brian Kemp continues to balk at taking steps to curb the spread of COVID and declares war on attempts to rein in the virus, he is now fabricating false historical examples to justify his do-nothing approach.

On the Erik Erikson show, Kemp cited a non-existent AIDS vaccine as an example of a failed public health mandate, falsely stating, “that’s basically how the AIDS vaccine worked, you know, people wouldn’t take it early on because it was mandated. They started educating people and now it’s doing a lot of good out there.”

As was quickly pointed out, there is no AIDS vaccine; therefore, there was never a vaccine mandate. AIDS is also not a virus – it is an immune system deficiency that can be caused by the HIV virus, for which there is preventative medication but no vaccine. Kemp’s limited grasp of the HIV epidemic is especially worrisome given that Georgia is seeing among the highest rates of new HIV diagnoses nationwide.

Kemp tried to walk back his statement by claiming that he meant to refer to the HPV vaccine, but this isn’t the first time it’s happened: Kemp also inaccurately cited a non-existent “AIDS vaccine” in September 2020 and July 2021.

“Brian Kemp spreading wildly false information about HIV and AIDS in a desperate attempt to defend his inaction on COVID is a new low, even for him,” said Rebecca Galanti, spokesperson for the Democratic Party of Georgia. “Whether Kemp is knowingly spreading misinformation in a weak defense of his failed COVID-19 policies or simply doesn’t understand the science behind yet another virus affecting Georgians, the level of ignorance coming from our state’s highest office is horrifying. Brain Kemp is a disgrace and a danger to our state.”




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