Congresswoman Nikema Williams Announces Child Tax Credit Delivered $31.6 Million to Families

Congresswoman Nikema Williams Announces Child Tax Credit Delivered $31.6 Million in Tax Cuts to Fifth District Families in August

Today, Congresswoman Nikema Williams (GA-05) released a new report from the Joint Economic Committee estimating that 77,000 Child Tax Credit monthly payments were sent to families in Georgia’s Fifth Congressional District in August. A total of $31.6 million in tax cuts went back in the pockets of hardworking Fifth District families. Statewide, 1,267,000 monthly tax cut payments totaling $536.6 million went to families in August. The average payment was $424. The next round of Child Tax Credit payments will begin hitting bank accounts on September 15.

Nationwide, the Joint Economic Committee estimates the Child Tax Credit tax cuts are pumping $19.3 billion into local economies each month, supporting local jobs and businesses.

“I’ve heard from families and partners here in the Fifth District that the Child Tax Credit payments are reducing food insecurity and serving as a vital financial lifeline for families,” said Congresswoman Williams. “Now that we’ve seen that these Child Tax Credit payments work, we must make them permanent. I grew up in a house with no indoor plumbing and no running water, so I know what it is like to live on the margins. I am in Congress to uplift those most marginalized and making the Child Tax Credits permanent will do exactly that by cutting childhood poverty in half.”

Click here to learn more about the full Joint Economic Committee’s study on how the Child Tax Credit is supporting local economies nationwide.

Click here to read this release on Congresswoman Williams’ website.


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