Atlanta City Council Approves Installing Cameras at City Parks, Hiring Incentive for Department of Public Works Employees

Atlanta City Council Approves Legislation Related to Installing Cameras at City Parks, Hiring Incentive for Department of Public Works Employees
The Atlanta City Council adopted legislation during Monday’s meeting requesting the Atlanta Police Department evaluate the process of facilitating the installation of video surveillance cameras at City of Atlanta Parks and Recreation facilities to help deter criminal activity (Legislative Reference No. 21-R-3727). The legislation notes that criminal activity has spread to the City’s parks and that installing and integrating cameras into the Atlanta Police Department’s Video Integration Center (VIC) helps to improve overall response times and provide real-time information sharing.
The Council voted 8-7 to table legislation authorizing a ground lease agreement with the Atlanta Police Foundation to build a public safety training campus on City-owned property located on Key Road (Legislative Reference No. 21-O-0367). The Atlanta Police Foundation intends to fund and build the facility on 85 acres and preserve the remaining portion of the 265-acre property as greenspace. The vote postponed consideration of the legislation. The item can be revisited at the next full Council meeting on Tuesday, Sept. 7, 2021.
Legislation was also approved by the Council ratifying the mayor’s executive order authorizing a one-time hiring incentive in an amount not to exceed $500 for employees hired by the Department of Public Works between July 30-Sept. 30, 2021 for the positions of environmental services worker and solid waste operator (Legislative Reference No. 21-R-3722).
Other items approved Monday include:
• An ordinance authorizing a donation in an amount not to exceed $1,000 from the Council District 8 carry forward account to the Chastain Park Conservancy to assist with security patrols (Legislative Reference No. 21-O-0597).
• An ordinance authorizing a change in the ad valorem tax rate of real and personal property for general levy, debt levy, city parks levy, school operating levy and the special tax district levy (Legislative Reference No. 21-O-0328).
• A resolution declaring that removing the statue “The Lion of the Confederacy” from Oakland Cemetery and placing it in temporary storage is necessary and appropriate and authorizing the execution of a special procurement agreement with Superior Rigging and Erecting Company for a term not to exceed 30 days with no options for renewal in a total not to exceed $33,156 for immediate removal of the monument. The statue has been repeatedly vandalized. This item was immediately adopted.
Items introduced to be considered in committee next week include:
• A resolution requesting the Atlanta Department of Transportation and Atlanta Fire Rescue Department assess the streets surrounding all existing and planned senior citizen facilities to determine the need for traffic safety measures.
• A resolution to encourage the City of Atlanta municipal clerk/election superintendent to disseminate pertinent information regarding the City of Atlanta’s general municipal election to Atlanta residents through mailers, social media, and innovative partnerships with other City departments.
• An ordinance authorizing a donation in an amount not to exceed $12,700 from the Council District 8 consulting/professional services and carry forward accounts to the Atlanta Police Foundation to assist in the purchase of a PTZ QUAD Camera for Chastain Park.
• An ordinance to amend Chapter 78 (Fire Prevention and Protection) of the City of Atlanta’s Code of Ordinances to create a new section entitled “Firefighters Mediation Act” to incorporate all the rights and privileges enumerated in Georgia Code Section 25-5-1 regarding collective bargaining and the resolution of wage, hours, and working conditions for City of Atlanta firefighters.


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