Vaccine Effectiveness Leads to Key Updates in Atlanta’s COVID-19 Resilience Plan

Vaccine Effectiveness Leads to Key Updates in Atlanta’s COVID-19 Resilience Plan

Atlanta’s COVID Resilience Plan will now track the current pandemic status by referring to red, yellow, green and blue zones. In addition to community vaccination rates, the metrics that inform these zones continue to be the seven-day averages for new COVID-19 cases, the percent positive rate for COVID-19 tests and COVID-19 hospitalizations. Currently, Atlanta is in the yellow zone with key indicators having crossed into the red zone.

The City of Atlanta has released an updated version of its COVID response plan based upon the importance and effectiveness of the COVID vaccines. The COVID-19 Resilience Plan will elevate its focus on vaccination rates and will inform the public about COVID-19 using a color-coded zone system.

Vaccines remain the most effective tool in the fight against COVID-19 and the Delta variant, and the effectiveness of these vaccines necessitates an updated approach to how Atlanta responds to the pandemic.

Current and ongoing guidance in the COVID Resilience Plan will be informed by public health professionals, including the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

The COVID color zones provide the public with the same tools and data that inform the City’s response and allow them to take appropriate precautionary health measures. According to the CDC, Atlanta continues to be in an area of high risk of COVID transmission, and vaccinations continue to be the most effective method to protect against infection and further spread.

Vaccines are safe, effective and free. For more information, visit the Fulton County Board of Health website.


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