APS Summer Camp Inspires Healthy Nutrition Lesson with Book Reading and Smoothies

APS Summer Camp Inspires Healthy Nutrition Lesson with Book Reading and Smoothies
Award-Winning book, Becoming a Superhero by C. Ariane Durden

They say one of the greatest joys is hearing children laugh. So, when you are the one bringing the fun with a life lesson through food, then you know that you have something fantastic, and you can change lives. That is what local author C. Ariane Durden is setting out to do as she shares her 2021 Independent Press Award-Wining book, Becoming a Superhero with children all over Georgia.

On Friday, 6/25/21, Ariane Durden was invited to Fickett Elementary School, Atlanta, the site of one of APS Summer Camps, with Artportunity Knocks after-school program, to share her award-winning book and the lesson of healthy nutrition. Ms. Durden read the book with the kids, had a funny, engaging conversation, completed some of the activities in her Activity Book (that accompanies the reading book), and then ended their time together by helping the kids make custom colorful smoothies from a rainbow of fruit. There was nothing but amazement as the kids tried new fruit and added some of their favorites to the glass and then were delighted by the great tasting snack they made before they went home.

Becoming a Superhero was inspired by the former First Lady Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move Initiative, where the author created a nonfiction children’s nutrition book that uses imagination, southern charm, and a cast of multicultural characters to encourage children to eat superfoods and become “superheroes.”

This motivating story is about finding the missing secret recipe and learning how to become a superhero. Sasha Jones and Eva Smith race to be first to find it. Both girls use different tactics to discover it. Super Sasha Jones along with a cast of multicultural characters takes you on an amusing adventure to fictional Peach City in search of the recipe. With a surprise ending, the kids discover which tactic works.

The book is primarily targeted at ages 5-10 years old (Grades 1 to 3), but it can encourage kids of all ages to make healthy choices and become superheroes. Becoming a Superhero is a fun and innovative way to encourage kids to eat healthily, exercise and fight childhood obesity. It is an energizing resource for parents, educators, and professionals who want to motivate and encourage healthy eating habits, healthy lifestyles, and healthy values in kids. Super Sasha Jones inspires kids to “Eat the Rainbow” and make healthy choices to become Superheroes!


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