Voting Rights Advocates Deeply Concerned about Latest Georgia Effort to Undermine 2020 Election

Voting Rights Advocates Deeply Concerned about Latest Georgia Effort to Undermine 2020 Election

Today, Fair Fight Action, Protect Democracy, The Leadership Conference for Civil and Human Rights, and the Brennan Center for Justice issued the following joint statement:

“Fair Fight Action, election administration experts, and voting and civil rights leaders are deeply concerned about yet another attempt by conspiracy theorists to perpetuate the lie that the 2020 election was stolen. To the contrary, the 2020 election in Georgia was safe, secure, and successful, and Georgians should be proud. In 2020, Georgia voters showed up in record numbers, and they made their voices heard. The 2020 election has been decided. Election officials across Georgia did their jobs with integrity in the face of unprecedented challenges. And the results have been verified by experts from both political parties, including in a machine recount certified by counties, a hand audit certified by the Secretary of State, and a final recount certified by the Secretary of State. Every one of these transparent election security efforts confirmed the results of the November election. These recounts were conducted by experts and trained professionals and crucially, representatives from both parties were present and able to observe the process.

“Today, a Republican judge placed security over conspiracy and rejected an attempt by conspiracy theorists to gain physical access to the ballots of Fulton voters. While this conspiracy ridden lawsuit should never have been allowed to move forward, Plaintiffs will only have access to digital images of ballots. Any attempt by conspiracy theorists and bad actors to delegitimize Georgia’s elections results undermines our democracy and pushes malignant disinformation. Attempts to delegitimize Georgia’s valid election results- pushed by the very same dangerous conspiracy theorists and other bad actors who enabled the violence of the January 6 insurrection – must be vehemently and unequivocally opposed by all, in order to protect the integrity of our democracy.”



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