Enough is Enough


 by Geoff Jones

Off in the distance

Thunderclouds breed

The pundits blather

While millions bleed

Liberals feel

Without much thought

Conservatives drown

In dogma taught

Hungry spirits

Stricken with fright

Will not go lightly

Into the night

Ignore at your peril

A barbed wire fence

Jailed like a felon

Without a defense

Starving people

Who struggle and strive

Will not behave well

To barely survive

It’s simple mathematics

Too many guns

All logic dismissed

There’s nowhere to run

An orange-haired bully

At maniacal war

With an elderly retread

Who lost once before

Extremist views

Presented as choices

Absurdity sponsored

By ignorant voices

We all deserve better

These states are united

By mercy and faith

And allegiance recited

Chaotic redemption

For the sins of the past

In grieving inertia

Flags at half-staff

But out in the margins

Fanatics purvey

Layers of half-truth

In all they convey

This season of violence

As bullets prevail

In all that we loathe

In all we assail

A black life extinguished

With little regret

Forgotten in time

In time we forget

When will the tides turn

The oceans are rough

Will we ever declare

That enough is enough


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