Big Freedia, Lynn Whitfield, join Planned Parenthood’s ‘Be Seen’ Campaign [Video]

Lynn Whitfield, Big Freedia, Rebecca Black and Paulina Rubio join Planned Parenthood’s “Be Seen” Campaign to Send A Message to the Younger Black and Latinx Generation: We See You

New campaign launches In Atlanta with voicemails and videos from artists running on Spotify, Tiktok, Snapchat, YouTube, and more

Planned Parenthood joins Atlanta-based, Emmy-winning actor Lynn Whitfield and musicians Big Freedia, Rebecca Black, and Paulina Rubio to launch a campaign for Black and Latinx young adults with a clear message: “We See You.” At Planned Parenthood, we see you — the whole you — no matter who you are, how you identify, or where you come from. We’re proud to help you live fully, come into your own, and become all you can and will be.

The “Be Seen” campaign is launching in Atlanta, Detroit, Miami, Orlando, and Philadelphia, and comes to life through audio spots from artists Rebecca Black, Big Freedia, and Paulina Rubio, and a documentary-style video series featuring a voiceover by Lynn Whitfield that follows the lives of four inspiring young people, as they move through life with confidence and joy. The campaign will appear on Spotify, Pandora, TikTok, Snapchat, Facebook, YouTube, and favorite podcasts using video and audio ads.

“Be Seen” is directed toward a younger generation who know the services Planned Parenthood provides, but not the values Planned Parenthood stands for. By defining and demonstrating its values, Planned Parenthood hopes to illuminate the inextricable link between sexual and reproductive health care and racial justice, gun safety, climate change and LGBTQ+ and immigrants’ rights – core issues that are important to a younger generation.

“Be Seen” also calls on young adults to share encouraging “I see you” voicemail messages to others in their community, or to share what in their lives have made them feel seen. You can leave a voicemail by calling 1-888-BE-SEEN1.

Statement from Staci Fox, president and CEO of Planned Parenthood Southeast:

“Ensuring that all people feel seen, heard, and understood is our most basic responsibility we have to each other. What we know at Planned Parenthood Southeast is that bodily autonomy and health care are fundamental rights to be shared by all individuals— regardless of who you are and where you come from.

“With the unprecedented surge of COVID-19 cases across the nation coupled with the twin pandemic of systemic racism, communities of color have been left particularly vulnerable. So as the nation reckons with a legacy of inequality, it becomes even more imperative for the emergence of unheard voices.

“We remain committed to reducing barriers to care and protecting and expanding access across Georgia, Alabama, and Mississippi. Every person deserves a safe environment for quality health care and education. Through this campaign, we want young adults to know: We stand with you. We are listening to you. We are here for you.”

Quote from Lynn Whitfield
“Planned Parenthood is such an important resource for women. Planned Parenthood helps to address and dissolve a deficiency in our healthcare system. Women need to BE SEEN, as too often we are overlooked.”





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