Kemp fakes caring about Black business, says MLB hurt minorities

In a hard to watch press conference on Monday morning, Gov. Brian Kemp attempted to appeal to the sensibilities of Major League Baseball Officials and millions of Americans with eyes on Georgia, as he claimed to be sensitive to and concerned about African American owned businesses losing out on revenue which might have been realized had the MLB not pulled the All Star Game from Georgia.

Kemp continues to whine about the MLB’s decision to take its ball and go elsewhere to play, saying in a press conference at a seafood restaurant in Atlanta, that he was distraught over the impact on Black-owned businesses and minority employees who will be adversely affected by  Major League Baseball’s decision to move its All-Star Game from the Peach State in response to his decision to sign his little Jim Crow Lite voter suppression legislation.

But talk about short-sightedness. Kemps signing SB 202 in law to restrict voter access has long-term and far-reaching effects on the lives of Black Georgians for many generations to come, far more detrimental than losing a baseball game.

“It’s minority-owned businesses that have been hit harder than most because of an invisible virus by no fault of their own,” Gov. Brian Kemp said. “And these are the same minority businesses that are now being impacted by another decision that is by no fault of their own,” Kemp said although he did not offer any data on the fall out for minority-owned businesses.

From AP:

Kemp spoke along with Georgia Attorney General Chris Carr, also a Republican, at a seafood and po’boy restaurant miles from the stadium in a suburb north of Atlanta where the game would have been held, though he said he didn’t think the restaurant was minority-owned.

He has previously criticized MLB’s decision. The game will now be played in Denver. Kemp noted at Saturday’s news conference that Denver has a much smaller percentage of African Americans than Atlanta, stating that while Atlanta is 51 percent black, Denver, where the game will be played, is only 10 percent black and that the MLB’s move has injected politics into the “great American pastime.”

“People shouldn’t have to go to the game and worry about if they’re sitting next to a Joe Biden supporter or a Donald Trump supporter,” he said. “They ought to be able to go to the game, cheer for their team just like if you’re in church worshipping.”

The truth is that Black people have overwhelmingly condemned Kemp as a white nationalist election rigger who cares so little about what Black people think that he treats our votes like disposable junkmail — but clearly, he does that because we don’t know shit; we need white people to tell us what’s good for us and what will hurt us.


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