Black physicians speak out about medical racism, demand justice for Dr. Susan Moore

Black physicians are turning to to demand justice for Dr. Susan Moore, the Black physician and COVID patient who may have died due to medical racism. The largest petition has 2,900 signatures demanding that the doctor who treated her have his medical license revoked.

From petition starter Chloe Baltimore: “Dr. Moore’s story is relatable for so many black people in this country and it’s exactly why I’m entering the medical field. Many people detest the gruesome, public slaughtering of Black people but they’re unaware of the frequent and extremely lethal racism we face on a daily basis by other professionals with an obligation to serve. I started the petition because Dr. Moore’s story is extremely common, yet hasn’t received a lot of attention. The doctor that neglected her is still practicing medicine at IU Health, in spite of the allegations Dr. Moore made prior to her death.”

Dr. Moore’s physician did not believe the symptoms she reported to him, denied her medication she asked for and left her in pain for hours. In a social media post Moore said “This is how Black people get killed, when you send them home and they don’t know how to fight for themselves.” Moore passed away from COVID a few days later.

Another petition on features the signatures of over 1,130 physicians, dentists, and medical professionals demanding systemic changes to how Indiana University addresses racism.

“Cases like Dr. Moore’s are wistfully all too common. Until ‘systemic reviews’ involve looking at the systems that put leaders in place that blame, shame, and devalue the patients whom they were sworn to protect, the sacrifice of leaders like Dr. Susan Moore will continue to be in vain. It is these systems that must be eradicated.”


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