10,000 white flags in Atlanta’s Piedmont Park to honor COVID victims

“The White Flags of Georgia’s COVID-19 Devastation,” 10,000 white flags in Atlanta’s Piedmont Park will honor those who passed from COVID Activist demand the Senate provide struggling Americans with the help they need

This Sunday a sea of 10,000 white flags will honor the lives of each of the Georgians lost to the COVID epidemic, calling out the heartbreaking human and economic impact that COVID-19 and our government’s response has had on local communities. The action comes the U.S. Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell has shut the door on a family-sustaining relief package, and after months of the Senate Republican majority blocking desperately needed medical and economic aid.

On Sunday, January 3, local activists and COVID-19 survivors will be planting 10,000 white flags in the Meadow at Piedmont Park, Atlanta. Backdropped by Atlanta’s legendary cityscape, each of these flags will represent the more than 10,000 Georgians who have already lost their lives to COVID-19. Every person we have lost was loved and needed. Throughout the day names of those we lost will be read aloud.

Inspired by artist Suzanne Brennan Firstenberg, this artistic activism will provide a powerful visual representation to elevate the need for a real, comprehensive government response for everyone in Georgia and across the country.

“I could have been one of the flags I’m planting. But instead, I wanted to honor those who have passed,” said event organizer and COVID-19 survivor Timothy Franzen. “Georgians are ready to make real change and for many of us, that starts with the Senate runoff election on Tuesday. We will turn out — once again — in record numbers to make sure that our votes honor those who have passed from the pandemic and to fight for all of us who are still struggling.”

The group is calling on Congress — including the Georgian victors of the January 5th Senate runoff — and the incoming administration to get to work on day 1 on a COVID relief package that meets the scale of the public health and economic crisis; centers the needs of those most impacted; and ensures everyone is included. No one should have to plant a single flag more.

“The battle for our lives is not over, but we know what keeps us safe. We need testing, care, and protection as this pandemic rages on,” Jeff Ordower of care. test. protect., a national organization fighting for COVID-19 supplies and relief says of Sunday’s memorial. “We must move money and power away from destructive, toxic, harmful systems of exploitation and give every single family and person — Black, white, and brown — what they need to get and stay well.”

PPE will be provided and social distancing will be observed.

How the pandemic has affected people in Georgia:

● Over 10,000 Georgians have lost their lives to COVID-19

● 1 in 4 households in Georgia are at risk for eviction right now

● Over 1.7 million children in our public education system have had their future’s disrupted ● 60% of the 1.7 million public education students in Georgia were food insecure before the pandemic

● There is a record high of 5.17 million unemployed Georgians right now.


What: “The White Flags of Georgia’s COVID-19 Devastation” morial installation

Who: Local activists, COVID-19 survivors and organizations like care. test. protect. and American Friends Service Committee

When: Sunday, January 3, 2021 at 10:00 a.m.

Where: The Meadow at Piedmont Park, Atlanta, GA

Details: Facebook event

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