1000 Black Women pen letter to Biden-Harris Administration

Dear President-Elect Joe Biden and Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris:

We, the undersigned Black women leaders from a variety of backgrounds and experiences from
both the public and the private sectors, join the more than 80 million Americans who voted for
you and celebrate your and Vice-President Elect Kamala Harris’ election.

Again, Black voters, and notably Black women were key to your victory in November. As we
know, 91% of Black women voted for your historic ticket and Black women were on the
frontlines of this election. Black women continue to lead the charge in advancing voter turnout
for the Georgia Senate runoff election which will impact this administration’s ability to advance
its agenda and pivotal confirmations. We have put our faith and trust in your vision to move
America into a bold future; as we put the last four years of division, racism and hate behind us.
We applaud and celebrate the selection of Linda Greenfield to be U.S. Ambassador to the United
Nations and Cecilia Rouse to lead the Council of Economic Advisors. Both women are
extremely qualified leaders who will bring integrity, wisdom and a deep commitment to serving
the American people to their roles. Similarly, we are also pleased to see the talented Black women
who have been named to various key roles in the White House.

However, as we look to the historic challenges our country faces and the need for strong,
accomplished leaders who reflect the breadth and depth of the American experience that you will
need at your side when you take office in January 2021, there are glaring omissions in the most
senior ranks.

We write to express how deeply troubled we are by the lack of public mention of African
American women leaders as candidates under consideration to lead the 15 executive departments
that comprise the President’s Cabinet — the Secretaries of Agriculture, Commerce, Defense,
Education, Energy, Health and Human Services, Homeland Security, Housing and Urban
Development, Interior, Labor, State, Transportation, Treasury, Veterans Affairs and the
Department of Justice.

It is long past time that the effective, accomplished leadership of Black women currently serving
in areas of significant policy that impacts our nation are recognized and given full consideration
for the statutory positions in your administration’s cabinet. Just as Black women and Black
Americans were key to your election in November, we are key to the success of your
Administration and the implementation of your vision. Our community must see ourselves
reflected in key leadership positions in recognition of our importance.

We have included a list of proposed names to be included in those your transition team may
already be considering. While the list is not exhaustive, it can serve to broaden the search for
highly qualified, talented and proven Black women leaders for consideration.

U.S. Department of Agriculture:
● US Rep Marcia Fudge
U.S. Department of Commerce:
● Ursula Burns (former CEO, Xerox)
● Marva Small (SVP, Viacom)
U.S. Department of Education:
● Dr. Johnnetta Betsch Cole (former president of Bennett College and
Spelman College)
● Dr. Leslie Fenwick (Dean in Residence at the American Association of
Colleges for Teacher Education (AACTE), Dean Emeritus Howard Univ
School of Education)
● Dr. Lily McNair (president of Tuskegee Institute)
● Dr. Charlene Mickens Dukes ( First Female President of Prince George’s
County Community College, Board Member, American Association of
Community Colleges)
U.S. Department of Energy:
● Dr. Shirley Jackson
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency:
● Heather McTeer Toney (Former Mayor Greenville, MS,Former Regional
Administrator for EPA Southeast Region.)
U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development:
● Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms (Mayor of Atlanta, GA)
● Mayor Muriel Bowser (Mayor of Washington, DC)
U.S. Department of Justice:
● Judith Brown Dianis (Advancement Project)
● Dr. Anita Hill
● CK Hoeffler (President, National Bar Association)
● Sherrilyn Ifill (NAACP Legal Defense Fund)
U.S. Department of Transportation
● Mayor London Breed (Mayor of San Francisco, CA)
● Molly Campbell (Port of Los Angeles Board)
● Honorable Donna Edwards (Former US Representative)
● Nuria Fernandez (former COO of MTA)
● Carolyn Flowers (former Administrator, FTA)
Respectfully Submitted,
Aaliyah Jones, MI
Abby Dobson, NY
Admas Kanyagia, CA
Adrennia Hughley, MI
Adrian Armstrong, CA
Honorable Adrienne A. Jones, MD
Adrienne Lance Lucas, GA
Adrienne White, GA
Adwoa Antwi-Barfi, IL
Ahja Howard, IL
Aimee Allison, CA
Aisha Barnes, IL
Aisha Biro Diallo, VA
Aisha Greene, MI
Akelah Reese, MI
Alana White, MI
Dr. Alberta Wilson, FL
Aleta Williams, DC
Dr. Alethea Wells, Ph.D., MI
Alexa Epps, IL
Alexa Gullie, OH
Alicia Kirk, MI
Alicia R Hinson, FL
Alicia Wilson, PA
Alisha Byrd, MI
Alisha Udhwani, USVI
Honorable Alissia Canady, MO
Dr. Allison Clark, FL
Allora Goode Cyrus, MD
Alvia Littleton, KY
Alycia Albergottie, SC
Alyn Moore, MI
Amanda Neves, IN
Amanda Smith, GA
Amber P. Lewis, USVI
Amonica Davis, OH
Anaya Johnson, MI
Andrea Bond Johnson, TN
Andrea Cartwright, MI
Andrea Cole, MI
Andrea Kellman-Bryan, NY
Andrea Lynn Tait, MI
Honorable Andrea Mitchell, OH
Andrea Pugh-Kelley, MI
Andrea Transou, MI
Andrea Tucker, SC
Angel Allen, MI
Angel C. Pendergrass, SC
Angela Arrington, WI
Angela Chisley, MD
Angela Enoch, MI
Angela Foxworth Everett, OH
Angela Green, MI
Angela J. Afzal, OH
Angela J. Billings, IL
Angela Johnson, MI
Angela Louise Whitaker-Payton, MI
Angela Parker, OK
Dr. Angela Rogers, MI
Angela Rye, CA
Angela Spencer Ford, MI
Rev. Anika Davis, NJ
Honorable Anita Laster Mays, OH
Anita Richardson, MI
Mayor Annette M. Blackwell, OH
Annie Mae Holt, MI
Anshantia Oso, CA
April Gilliam-Page, MI
Aqueelah Jordan, OH
Ariane Kirkpatrick, OH
Ariel Robbins, MI
Arielle V. King, MD
Arlene Anderson, OH
Arlene Nichelle Ellsworth, MI
Arlene Pearson, IN
Arletha Manlove, MO
Arte’sia Payne-Watts, KY
Arwanda Conner, MI
Aseelah N. Shareef, OH
Ashleigh Phillips, MD
Ashley Bryant, DC
Dr. Ashley Hardison, NV
Ashley Mello, TX
Dr. Ashley Woodson, MI
Ashley-Dior Thomas, DC
Honorable Ashlye V. Wilkerson, SC
Honorable Asilia Dinkins, DC
Atinuke Sode, FL
Audrey B. Chase, MD
Audrey R.Tidmore, OH
Audrey Shields, CA
Auzree Cross, MI
Ayanna Smith, NC
Ayanna Triplett McConnell, MI
Azizza Davis Goines, CA
MO Senator-Elect Barbara Anne
Washington, MO
Dr. Barbara Avery, MI
Barbara Donaldson, IL
Barbara Knox-Brown, MI
Barbara L. Johnson, Va
Barbara Lett, OH
Barbara Locke, MI
Benetia Davis, MI
Beryl C. Potter, CA
Beryl Potter, CA
Beth Woodland-Hargrove, Esq.,
Betty L. Edwards, MI
Dr. Betty Smith Williams, CA
Beverly A. Allen, MI
Beverly Adams, MI
Beverly Dillard, KY
Dr. Beverly Frye, KY
Beverly Westbrook, MI
Blendia Wilson Jackson, MI
Dr. Bobbi Edwards, MI
Bobbie J. Banks, MI
Bonita Roberts-Harvey, MI
Brandi Mullins Thomas, GA
Brandy R. McMillion, MI
Brenda Holley, MI
Bria Smith, MI
Bridget Graham, MI
Bridgette L. Rudolph, MI
Brigette Cardwell-Johnson, MI
Brittany Packnett Cunningham, MO
Dr. Brittney Cooper, NJ
Brittney Thomas, MI
Brittney Yancy, CT
Bryanta Booker-Maxwell, SC
Bryna Jean-Marie, NY
C. NaTasha Richburg, MD
C. Worsham, MI
Dr. Cameron R. Hamlin, FL
Camille Hibbler, MI
Dr. Camille Rodriguez, TX
Camryn Crowdus, KY
Camyle Tate, IL
Candace L. Jenkins, MI
Councilwoman Candice Quarles,
Candyce Partee Stewart, MI
Cappy Lane, PA
Carla Finney, MI
Carla Radford, KY
Carmen Morrell, MI
Carmen R. Adams, TX
Carmessia Page, LA
Carmyn C. Brown, MI
Carole A. Nevels, FL
Caroline M. Ray, MI
Carolyn Barnes, LA
Carolyn Fowler, CA
Carolyn Johnson, MI
Carolyn Parnell Stansbury, MI
Carolyn Ray, OH
Carolyn Renea Ford, KY
Carolynne Webster, KY
Carrie L. Durham, OH
Honorable Cassandra Nelson, OH
Cassandra Spratling Odetoyinbo,
Cathie Frederick, MI
Cathy Kerner, OH
Catina L. Cook-Smith, KY
Ce’Ann Yates, MI
Dr. Ceeon Quiett Smith, SC
Chabre Vickers, OR
Chanda I. Wingo, OH
Chanell Autrey, DC
Chantelle D. Jones, GA
Charece Williams Gee, NY
Charisma K. Adams, FL
Charisse L. Watts, MI
Rev. Charisse R. Tucker, PA
Dr. Charlene Dukes, MD
Charlene L. Usher, CA
Charlene Reeder-Welch, KY
Honorable Charlotte Crutchfield,
Charlotte Wilson, MI
Charmese Armstrong, MI
Dr. Chaya Crowder, CA
Chellee R. Cephas, MD
Chelsea Austin, MI
Chelsea Harris, MD
Chelsea Martin, MI
Cheri Coleman Daniels, OH
Cheri Truett, MD
Cherie Ross, MI
Cheryl Daniels Fluker, IL
Cheryl Reede, CA
Cheryl T. Powell, NC
Cheryl Thompson Marsh, MI
Cheryl Wright, CA
Cheryl Wright, MI
Cheryl. A Cosby, OH
Chiara Coburn, MI
Chiquita Lockley, GA
Christa Overton, OH
Rev. Dr. Christal Williams, TN
Christina Cue, SC
Cicely Philpot, OH
Clarice L Ogilvie Posey, MI
Clarissa Payne, MI
Claudia L. McKoin, Esq., DC
Comelia R. Sanford, DC
Constance Dansby, MI
Constance Thomas, MI
Consuela Albright, OH
Cortney Lewis, GA
Courtney L. Hunt, LA
Crystal Davis, OH
Crystal Lynn Bryant, Ohio
Cynthia Crawford, OH
Cynthia D. Smith, MI
Cynthia Eleweke, MI
Cynthia Henson, TN
Dr. Cynthia Marshall, TX
D’Erika Nichols-Woods, MI
D’Angela Proctor Steed, CA
Daffaney J. Webster, LA
Dana Bradley, OH
Councilwoman Dana D Anderson,
Dana Vickers Shelley, MD
Dania Wright, GA
Daniela Hazel, KY
Daniele Vest, MD
Danielle Cooper Daughtry, NJ
Danielle JacksonThomas , TX
Danielle Quave Burton, OH
Danielle S. Thomas, CT
National Co-Chair Danyell Smith,
Dara Blake, MI
Daria Lynn Young Neal, MI
Daria Wright, OH
Honorable Darlene D Jones, OH
Dr. Darlene J. Conley, WA
David Atkins, VA
Davida Sharpe, TN
Dawn Martin, CA
Dawn Weaver, MI
Dawn-Denise Capers, MI
Deanne Woods, KY
Dr. Deborah Bernal, MD, PA
Deborah Gilmore, LA
Honorable Deborah Hunter-Harvill,
Deborah J. McCreary, MI
Deborah Meyers Greene, MI
Deborah R. Mack, MD
Deborah Scott, GA
Debra Collins, NC
Debra McGinnis, MI
Debra White-Hunt, MI
Debrah Rolfe Brown, MI
Dedra Hobbs, MI
Dr. Dedria L. Willis, MI
Dee C. Marshall, NJ
Deesha Dyer, DC
Deirdre J. Knox, OH
Delores Williams, MI
Denage Piper, LA
Dene Mathews, CA
DeNeatra Barkley, MD
Denise Thames Jackson, MI
Denise Burgess, MD
Denise Fitzhugh, MI
Denise Lee, MI
Denise M. Robinson, OH
Denise Thames Jackson, MI
Denitra Harris, LA
Denyatta Henry, RN, MI
Derrice Deane, MD
Desiree Peterkin Bell, NJ
Dia Blackmon, MI
Delegate Diana Fennell, MD
Diane Smith, MI
Dianne France, MI
Diedra Henry-Spires, MD
Dr. Dina Johnson, LA
Dionne Shell, MI
Dolores Henderson, OH
Dr. Donna Bell, MI
Donna C. Bowman, GA
Donna Hill Staton, Esq., MD
Donna K. Hill-Todd, LA
Donna K. Hill-Todd, MI
Donna M. Edwards, OH
Donna Murray-Brown, MI
Donyale Stephen-Atara, MI
Dr. Dorian Denise Moore, MI
Doricia Strickland, OH
Dorine Miller, MI
Dr. Doris McEwen, MI
Doris Smith-Ribner, PA
Dorothy A. Spurlock, MI
Dorothy Parker, MI
Dorothy R. Jackson, JD, DC
Dr. Earlene J. Hall, MI
Honorable Dr. Edith J. Patterson,
Dr. Hazel N. Dukes, NY
Dr. Johnnetta Betsch Cole, DC
Dr. Nicole Y. Culliver, OH
Dwana M. Thompson, MI
Dyonicia Brown, DC
Dr. E. Faye Williams, DC
Earnee J. Gilling, MI
Eartha Nelms, Tx
Eatonia Williams, MI
Eboni Bell-Griffin, MI
Ebonie Riley, DC
Edda Collins Coleman, CA
Edwina King, MI
Edwina Ward, FL
Elaine Bradshaw, CA
Elaine Gohlstin, OH
Elenore A. Vaughn, MBA, CA
Elexica McAlister, IN
Elizabeth Gramling, DC
Elizabeth Laster


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