GirlTrek Needs 55,543 Black Women to Take Self-Care Pledge

GirlTrek Needs 55,543 More Black Women to Take the Self-Care Pledge to Reach Milestone of 1 Million

With 944,457 members and counting, GirlTrek is on a mission to inspire one million Black women to take the self-care pledge by the end of the year.

GirlTrek encourages Black women to use radical self-care and walking as the first practical step to leading healthier, more fulfilled lives.

“From day one, our vision for revolution has always been rooted in building the biggest sisterhood of Black women walking for our lives and reclaiming our right to healing. So this is huge – but we’re not done yet! We still need your help in reaching 55,543 more Black women. And, we know better than anybody that when Black women come together to organize and mobilize, we can do anything,” said Jaida Vaught, GirlTrek Chief of Marketing and Strategic Partnerships.

GirlTrek is the most effective public health solution in the country. GirlTrek was co-founded by two friends, T. Morgan Dixon and Vanessa Garrison. Over the years, the organization, which originally began as an email walking challenge among friends, expanded to a nationwide movement inspiring radical healing and health transformation among Black women.

GirlTrek is free to join and starts with taking the pledge at and dedicating 30 minutes a day of self-care.

Based on membership data collection, in 2019, 26% of GirlTrek members reported taking less medication after committing to a daily walking practice; 61% of women lost weight since the previous year; 40% of women continued to see improvement in symptoms from a previous health condition and 98% of those who have been diagnosed with depression said walking has improved their symptoms.

“Together, let’s make sure that no sister goes uncounted. Take a moment right now and forward this email to at least 3 Black women in your life who you know are One in a Million. Could be your niece, your work friend, your long-lost cousin – every Black woman you know needs to know about GirlTrek,” said Vaught.



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