Lyft providing free transportation to polls for ATLiens in need of a ride, John Legend supports

Lyft is offering access to discounted rides to polling locations and ballot drop boxes for riders on Nov. 3. The 2020VOTE code is valid for discounted rides (50 percent off one ride up to $10) to any polling location or dropbox on Election Day between the hours of 4 am-11 pm local time.

Also including a summary of Lyft’s Voting Access efforts are listed below for any round-ups, you may be planning ahead of Election Day.

Summary of Lyft’s Voting Access efforts:

LyftUp’s non-profit partners will also be distributing free ride codes directly to underserved communities. Key partners include Black Women’s Roundtable, National Federation of the Blind the Student Veterans of America, and more.
Lyft is partnering with National Disability Rights Network to help distribute ride credits to individuals with disabilities, including WAV users in markets with WAV service.

The discount code is redeemable for all car ride types available on the platform, including Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle (“WAV”) rides in markets with available on-demand WAV service. Lyft’s on-demand WAV service is currently available on the platform in select cities, including Chicago. WAV rides may be requested by toggling on “Wheelchair Access” under Settings and choosing Access mode when selecting a ride.

Last month, Lyft and Nike announced a new partnership as part of Nike’s national voting campaign. In alignment with Nike’s efforts to increase voter participation and minimize barriers to voting, the company has partnered with Lyft to support early voting and access to discounted rides to those in communities who have historically had a harder time getting to the polls, as well as supporting voters in Nike World Headquarters’ backyard. This includes access to rides to a polling location or registered ballot drop box locations in Atlanta, Memphis, Chicago, Baltimore, Houston, Milwaukee, Miami and Portland.

In addition to the nationwide code for election day, we are partnering with More Than A Vote to provide access to rides to arena polling locations in Atlanta, Charlotte, Houston, Milwaukee, Orlando and Philadelphia. We are also partnering with Sony Music Group and their artists and songwriters to help mobilize voters as part of their Your Voice, Your Power, Your Vote initiative, which offers resources about registering to vote and getting to designated polling locations in Houston and Miami, as well as to More Than A Vote arena polling locations.

Lyft and FREEAMERICA, John Legend’s campaign to transform America’s criminal justice system, are coming together to provide ride access to help formerly incarcerated individuals who want to and are eligible to vote get to the polls. FREEAMERICA is distributing ride codes through their social channels in Alabama, Atlanta, Houston, Louisiana and New York City, and will be working with organizations led by formerly incarcerated individuals to ensure the rides go to the impacted community.

“At its best, our government is of the people, by the people and for the people. Our democracy relies on as many people as possible making their voices heard in our elections. Lack of transportation access should not stand in anyone’s way. The uncertainty of this year and the pandemic have posed new challenges that threaten vulnerable communities’ access to the polls. FREEAMERICA and Lyft are coming together to help remove transportation barriers for formerly incarcerated individuals in select cities. By offering a ride to the polls, we’re ensuring that transportation is not a barrier to casting a vote,” said John Legend


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