Pharrell and Jay Z feature local business owners and entrepreneurs [video

St. Louis entrepreneur Jason Wilson and videographer David Kirkman created a short documentary inspired by Pharrell Williams and Jay Z’s August single and video release. Filmed in various locations in September, the video set to premiere on YouTube features Nashville based businesses, entrepreneurs, and key locations.

Pharrell Williams and Jay-Z released their new song “Entrepreneur” in August. The track celebrates the ambition of Black business owners while addressing the systemic inequalities they face on the road to economic success.

The lyrics are frank about some of the challenges. Pharrell says, “The system imprison young black boys/Distract with white noise.” And Jay-Z references the lack of representation in the media: “Lies told to you through YouTubes and Hulus/Shows with no hues that look like you do.” The song’s music video debuted shortly after, and
it features Black entrepreneurs from across the country. The video inspired St. Louis’ Jason Wilson and David Kirkman to create an edition of “Entrepreneur” that highlights Black-owned businesses in various metropolitan cities across the country.

The video features several black business owners from Nashville including Jason Ridgel of Guidance Whiskey, Christopher Jones of Willie B’s, Clarence Darkwa of Dash Scooters, Will Radford of Local Distro, and many others.

Pharrell Williams and Jay-Z released an empowering video with their new song “Entrepreneur,” spotlighting Blackowned businesses across the country. Directed by Black filmmaker David Kirkman of Woke Nation Entertainment, “Entrepreneur: Nashville Edition” features the song while spotlighting nine Black businesses in vignettes.

“Entrepreneur: Nashville Edition” modestly showcases business owners in their natural environments, along with their names, their businesses and a description of what they do. Their social media handles are included in the
video’s description on YouTube.


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