Family of teen shot killed by police in Cobb County demand to see body cam video

On Thursday, October 15, 2020, the family of Vincent Truitt
and their attorneys, Gerald A. Griggs and Maria Banjo, met with Cobb
County District Attorney Joyette Holmes and her team to discuss the
release of all videos related to the Truitt’s death. On Monday, July 13,
2020, Truitt was shot twice in the back as he ran from Cobb County
police after a traffic stop in Austell.  Initial reports from Cobb
County police say the teen fired his gun towards officers. The report
later detailed that Truitt only “brandished” a gun. Through an
independent investigation, the Law Firm of Gerald Griggs has learned the
teen did not use the weapon in an offensive manner.

During the meeting, District Attorney Holmes said she never saw Truitt
Brandish a gun or point a weapon in the direction of any officer on the
scene that night. District Attorney Holmes told the family that she
thought “it was fair and their right” to view the video. However,
District Attorney Holmes did not have it in her possession at the time
of the meeting. District Attorney Holmes told the family that she would
contact the GBI to inform them that she does not oppose their viewing of
the video. The family has requested that the GBI make the video
available for review immediately and has contacted the GBI through their

“We appreciate District Attorney Holmes and GBI Director Vic Reynolds
for meeting with the family of Vincent Truitt. However, over 90 days
have passed, it’s time for the family and the public to see what led to
this officer shooting Vincent Truitt twice in the back. Any further
delay in providing video evidence of Vincent’ s shooting for any reason,
further increases the grave injustice to the family of Vincent Truitt.
The focus should be truth, transparency, and accountability in Cobb
County,” said Attorney Gerald Griggs.

Truitt was pronounced deceased on July 14, 2020—the day before his
mother’s birthday.


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