DeKalb Commissioner Loraine Cochran-Johnson urges record voter turnout

Dear DeKalb Family,

It’s time to go into overdrive. As early voting begins in two weeks and absentee ballots are currently being received at the office of Voter Registration and Elections, it is time we vote in record numbers in the name of democracy. Like many of you, I watched the recent Presidential Debate in complete awe. I will not state I support any candidate, but I will say as an elected official we must be about the business of the people. I say we, because I identify with my people. I am not a part of a bureaucracy. I am a member of a community and my complete interest of that of my neighbors.

For far too long divisive rhetoric has divided America. When I look into the eyes of my neighbors, constituents and people I meet each day, I see the soul of America. All men are concerned with public safety, quality of life, economic opportunities, high quality schools, and communities that reflect the hard-working, progressive, educated professionals we are. So I challenge each of you to ask, ‘Why does government at the highest level not reflect the values of the common man?’ As I personally ponder this question, I am reminded of a conversation I had while in transit to the U.S. Capitol. As the driver and I discussed political issues, he stated the President of the United States is a direct reflection of the moral conscious of the people of America who elects him. I was immediately brought to silence and deep thought. Fellow DeKalb residents, if this is the case, what does our current and future President say about us as a country? I, as a lover of mankind and my community, refuse to believe we cannot come together to do what is just and right. Let us be vigilant in our fight for dignified representation and clear in our mission. It is time ‘we the people’ have folks who care more about us than themselves represent us. To this end, please pledge to encourage our neighbors, co-workers, church community, and social media family to actively vote. To those who are the gatekeepers of out inherent right to vote, I say to you – GET IT RIGHT. I urge everyone who reads this commentary to encourage everyone you know to vote early. There is no time to waste, we must be quick and decisive to be counted.

Lastly, I seek your help. Please help me reach my goal of 200 young men in my annual Lock-In For Life. Please view the cast of guest speakers in my advertisement in this Newsletter. Our speakers are all amazing men who will greatly enrich our young sons. As always, I stand with each of you in our fight for a better DeKalb. I am here to serve. You can contact my office at any time and my staff and I will be there. I appreciate the opportunity to serve and could not be more proud to represent my community.

May God bless you all.

Your Commissioner,
Lorraine Cochran-Johnson, M.P.A.
Super District 7, DeKalb County


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