Piney Woods historic Black boarding school seeks students

Piney Woods Nation’s Largest Historically Black Boarding School is Adding Students

Woodson Center – 1776 Unites Host Virtual Fundraiser

The Piney Woods School, one of America’s oldest independent, historically black boarding schools, announces a major fundraising campaign to award up to 200 additional low-income students with future scholarships and tuition assistance to attend school at its rural Mississippi campus.

On Sept. 30, Woodson Center and 1776 Unites will host Black American Values in Action: A Virtual Fundraiser for The Piney Woods School.

The Piney Woods School currently has 100 students in a space that can accommodate 300. Every student receives a scholarship to help pay for their education at the historic boarding school; however, the school currently cannot financially support all students who qualify for acceptance into its programs. Money raised during the virtual fundraiser will enable the boarding school to provide even more deserving students with a rigorous college-preparatory education. Woodson Center – 1776 Unites and its partners will provide 100 percent in matching funds for all donations.

Founded in 1909, The Piney Woods School offers a transformative education and dynamic learning environment that integrates lessons within and beyond classroom walls. The campus includes a 200-acre organic demonstration farm, historic original log cabin schoolhouse and museum documenting the school’s rich history.

“We firmly believe that students – even those of limited financial means – can do extraordinary things, consistent with the opportunities that we make available to them,” says school President Will Crossley. “No student should be denied a [quality] education because of a family’s limited financial circumstances.”

“Piney Woods’ emphasis on academic rigor and its dedication to fostering a strong work ethic in students serves as a shining example for the nation. Piney Woods graduates show us all how perseverance can overcome challenge,” says Woodson Center – 1776 Unites President and Founder Bob Woodson.

The Piney Woods School is guided by Christian principles but open to students of all faiths. Every student contributes through work study programs, community service and daily or weekly chores to help sustain the organic farm.

Joining Crossley and Woodson for a discussion on the profound impact this exceptional school is having on students, their families and communities, will be Attorney Moses Boyd, Regionerate CEO Linda Fowler, as well as current and former students, teachers, 1776 Unites Scholars and Kelly Wright, host of “The Kelly Wright Show,” will emcee the discussion.

Black American Values in Action: A Virtual Fundraiser – 7:00 pm ET, September 30, 2020


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