Ray J makes a $100 million with earphones company [listen]

Ray J, yes the reality star Ray J, has quietly built an earbuds business that’s rumored to pass $100 million in sales this year. Listen to his new song “Hurt You.”

Willie Ray Norwood Jr, also known as Ray J’s, is the founder of three-year-old wireless headphone company Raycon. In that time short amount of time, Raycon has racked up millions of customers and chipping away at Apple’s market share.

Compared to Apple’s strategy of selling neutral designs at high prices, Raycon’s filling the niche of well designed earbuds at half the price.

Raycon’s wireless earbuds start at $79 gives customers two things: a variety of earbud colors and hard, and I mean hard, hitting bass.

From Reality Star to Business Mogul

After a career in reality TV, Ray J’s first move into the electronics business came in 2015 when he launched a e-scooter product at the height of the hoverboard craze.

While he was able to establish a strong brand, he wanted to scale up faster by bolstering up operations and focusing on a broader market. He decided to pivot and team up with Ray Lee, a AGE entrepreneur in the electronic space.

“When we first started off, we tested everything. Scooters, headphones, smartwatches, and everything in between. Over 30 products. Our goal was to find gaps in the market that big companies like Apple were ignoring for customers that they didn’t really care about. The outcome was clear… super personable wireless earbuds for a user base that was growing like crazy.”

The company’s most popular headphone, the E25 Earbuds, sell for $79 and the higher end performance model sells for $119.



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