Empress of coils explores standards of beauty for our young black girls

(BPRW)  The ongoing debate between permed and natural hair in the Black women community has left many Black women and girls questioning the very crowns on their heads. To perm or not
to perm? That is the question Kendolyn faces as the main character of Empress of Coils www.empressofcoils.com. The book for young readers about self-reflection, confidence and pride by first-time author Lynn Graham,

“The book is powerful. Not only is Kendolyn surrounded by a community of people encouraging her, she realizes she has the support of historic queens behind her. That’s what we need for ourselves as women and the children that we are responsible for stewarding.”said E. Danielle Butler, CEO, EvyDani Books, LLC.

Kendolyn is a typical 10-year-old preteen girl. She loves everything about herself, except her hair.
She convinces her mother, a hair stylist, to perm her hair. Although her mother agrees, it’s under
one circumstance. She must read a book of her mother’s choice. Kendolyn agrees, but puts little
effort into reading the book. Choosing to veg out in front of the TV instead. Kendolyn carelessly
tosses the book only to quickly learn it wasn’t your ordinary book. What she found inside took her on
an unforgettable journey into knowledge, self-discovery, history and self-awareness.

“We’ve all had days when we don’t know what to do with our hair,” said Lynn Graham, author.
“However, for little Black girls, these moments are more than everyday frustration. Wearing your hair
straight or in its natural curly state is a question that taps into their self-esteem and self-confidence.
The main character of Empress of Coils looks just like them. The book tells a story that they can
relate to from start to finish. It also creates opportunities for Black girls and women to talk about hair
and the importance of the crowns on their heads.”

“Fantabulous Book! I can’t wait to give this book to all the little empresses that I know,” said
Tameka Warfield from Los Angeles, California.

Empress of Coils is available for preorder today on Kindle for $3.99. Those who preorder the book
can email a copy of their receipt and mailing address to support@theclickurban.com to receive a
custom made bookmark. Find the book, available in paperback, hardcover, and Kindle on major
online retailers like Amazon, and Barnes and Noble.


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