Kenya Moore on ‘RHOA’ reunion showdown and her Vivica Fox feud

The showdown is on between Kenya Moore and NeNe Leakes as “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” hold their first virtual reunion! “Extra’s” Billy Bush caught up with Kenya today, who was dishing on the show and her past feud with Vivica A. Fox.

First she opened up about her home state, Georgia, as it eases restrictions during the pandemic: “There are a lot more people wearing masks where I go, but I am still sheltering in place. I go to the grocery store, but I look like someone who is wearing a hazmat suit when I go.”

Then she spilled the tea on the “RHOA” reunion, which airs part one on Sunday. “You feel like you need to take a hot shower and just disinfect yourself,” she said. “It gets a little messy.”

A sneak peek actually shows NeNe shutting down her computer during the reunion. Kenya told Billy she did come back, confirming, “Unfortunately, yes.”

Billy asked if Kenya was the reason for NeNe shutting her computer, and she answered, “I started questioning some things in her life and, ya know, this was a reunion about exposure, and I think a lot of things come to life, including who the real snake of the entire season is.”

She continued, “We got some surprises, we got a lot of receipts, as they say… meaning proof of things… and I think it’s really clear who the snake is, because she slithered away before the end of the reunion.”

Moore also broke this news about who the highest-paid housewife is, saying, “That’s easy. That’s Kandi.” Billy asked, “I would think NeNe would be the highest paid on the show, no?” Kenya answered, “At some point she was, but not anymore… That is a fact.”

Kenya added that she may come in second with her hair care line doing so well. Her daughter Brooklyn, 1, is the spokesmodel, and Moore said, “Just in time for Mother’s Day, I had so much fun shooting with her… It was amazing to team up with her. This is part of my legacy, and she is my legacy.”

She also weighed in on Vivica, who just reignited their 2014 feud from “The Celebrity Apprentice.” Fox spoke about it in an interview with Claudia Jordan, making it clear she still does not like Moore.

Kenya reacted, saying, “I think it’s embarrassing to speak on something that happened so many years ago. I think people need to forgive and forget and move on. I’ve moved on… I wish her nothing but the best.” She added, “I think she needs some happiness in her life.”

“RHOA” airs Sundays at 8 p.m. on Bravo.


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