The Coronavirus pandemic and demand for reparations

In a major statement released today, the National African American Reparations Commission (NAARC) cites longstanding health and economic disparities exposed by the Coronavirus Pandemic as further evidence of the urgent need for reparations for African Americans. The Commission is appealing to Congresswoman Sheila Jackson-Lee to convene an “Emergency Juneteenth Congressional Hearing” to address the need for reparations in light of the Coronavirus Pandemic. Congresswoman Jackson Lee is the lead Sponsor for HR-40, the bill that would establish a Commission to study Reparations Proposals for African Americans.

Reflecting on the disproportionate impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on people of African descent, NAARC Commissioner Dr. VP Franklin said: “In the upcoming deliberations over HR-40, a specific Task Force should be created and assigned to develop recommendations on how reparations will be used to increase African Americans access to high quality health care.” While agreeing with Dr. Franklin, NAARC Commissioner Nana Dr. Patricia Newton urged Congress to take immediate action by “passing legislation to expand and enhance mental health and wellness services to address the chronic effects of acute as well as historical chronic trauma to help mitigate some of the known risk factors that affect the immune system of African Americans such as hypertension, diabetes, obesity and asthma.”


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