TRUMP: Our death totals are very strong

During a press event meant to buoy the administration’s failure to deliver PPE to assisted living facilities ravaged by coronavirus, Donald Trump said the quiet part aloud – again. Trump and his grifter family have now tried to spin death totals higher than the Vietnam War as a “great success story,” and today Trump said, “Our death totals, our numbers, per million people, are really very, very strong. We’re very proud of the job we’ve done.”

“Donald Trump lacks the basic decency and humanity we expect from the leader of the free world. In two months, he’s overseen more deaths than the Vietnam War, and he’s unfazed and numb to the mass suffering his actions have caused,” said Kyle Morse, an American Bridge Spokesperson.

“It is outright disgusting that after months of comparing the coronavirus to the flu, Donald Trump attempts to absolve himself on a near-daily basis when there is no end in sight. 60,000 Americans have lost their lives; their loved ones continue to suffer, and Donald Trump refuses to acknowledge the collective pain our country is weathering. He would rather whitewash his failures in a craven attempt to boost his re-election efforts,” said Morse. “Trump isn’t just tone-deaf, he is incompetent and lacks the self-awareness needed to guide our nation through this crisis.”

“The American people deserve far better than the egomaniacal, incompetence Trump displays on a day-to-day basis. No whitewashing will ever change that in this crisis, the American people cannot look to the president for moral leadership.”


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