Wendy Williams is working from home and the talk show queen has a surprise new fan: John Oliver. Wendy explained their newfound friendship to “Extra’s” Billy Bush today via Zoom.

Video credit: “Extra”

They became friends when John Oliver appeared on “Wendy @ Home.” Billy commented, “I call it an odd coupling… of you and John Oliver.”

Wendy replied, “Isn’t that funny?”

John, the host of “Last Week Tonight” had praised Wendy on his show earlier this month, saying, “I’ve become a big fan of ‘Wendy @ Home.’ It’s an oasis of truth in a world full of lies.”

Wendy gushed, “He is very, very kind… I knew him from ‘The Daily Show.’ I always knew him as being funny. It was more intriguing to me — how did he find out about me?”

Wendy also told Billy, “Doing the show from home is only different because I’m not wearing show makeup. You do your own makeup. You brush your own hair. You find something in your closet and you throw it on… I don’t understand how people can possibly get on TV — even in this corona [pandemic] — and look like the bums they do.”

Wendy says dating is a top priority post-quarantine: “I want to date, and there will be no kissing on the first date. Even those rules have changed for me.”

She’s even considering marrying again, she says. “I am a hopeless romantic. I would get married again with a very simple prenuptial agreement. Basically, what’s yours is yours and what’s mine is mine.” She went on, “And no, I wouldn’t walk down the aisle. I would like to get married in a hotel room… We don’t even have to go on a honeymoon. I don’t care.”


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