Georgians vote on new verifiable paper ballot system 


New Voting Machines a Bipartisan Success in Statewide Debut

Georgians vote in early voting in the Super Tuesday election primary and the bulk have determined that the new secure paper-ballot system is a success in its statewide debut as early voting began for the March 24, 2020 Presidential Preference Primary. In just the first day of early voting, more than 17,000 Georgians cast ballots in person on the new machines. Praise for the new system came in from both sides of the aisle and from major media outlets across the state.

“We faced a Herculean task in providing a secure and reliable voting system for the state of Georgia in just a short time period but early results indicate that the new system is a success,” said Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger. “I look forward to seeing my fellow Georgian [voters] cast their ballots on the new paper-ballot voting machines. We are confident that the machines will take us through statewide elections not just in March, but long into Georgia’s future.”

On just the first day of early voting, 17,577 Georgians have cast ballots in person on the new paper-ballot voting machines. Of those, 10,855 voted in the Democratic primary. 6,646 voted in the Republic Party primary.

Praise for the machines has come from both sides of the aisle, major media outlets and, most importantly, Georgia’s voters:

What They Are Saying:

Rep. John Lewis (D-GA): “The voting process today, I think, is a great improvement. It was very simple. And very easy.”

The Atlanta Journal Constitution: “Most voters praised the new voting system, which combines touchscreens and printers to create a paper ballot… Many voters said the addition of a paper ballot to Georgia’s voting process will increase election security.”

CBS46’s Aiyana Cristal: “The new machines are still touchscreen and voters say they are easy to navigate.”

11alive’s Kaitlyn Ross: “We hear from people. They were worried that it might be difficult to use them [the new voting machines] but voters today told me it was easy. And one woman timed herself going through, just three minutes start to finish.”

Lowndes County Poll Worker Vicki Roundtree: “Everyone really liked them [the voting machines]… They’re very easy to use, and everyone just seemed to flow really easily. And I think they were well-received.”

Lowndes County Democrats Vice-Chair for Elections Dennis Marks: “I think the new machines are an improvement over the old machines because they create a paper trail.”

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