Georgia No. 1 for most people on probation or parole

A new study shows Georgia has the No. 1 most people on probation or parole with 4,152 per 100,000.

Between the unlikely Trump and Kardashian partnership, the high-profile Meek Mills case and the 2020 election, mass incarceration and the justice system are on trial like never before. As is whether drug users should be sentenced to jail or addiction treatment.

US Drug Test Centers today released a study called Probation Nation: America on Parole using the most recent data from the Prison Policy Initiative, the U.S. Bureau of Justice Statistics and the Council for State Governments Justice Center.

The study analyzed probation or parole in each state, how rates have changed and how many people are in prison over violations.

Key findings in Georgia:

  • No. 1 in rate of people on probation or parole per 100,000, 4,152
  • No. 26 (tied with Ohio, Tennessee and Hawaii) in percentage of state prison population incarcerated for probation or parole violations, 21%

Here are key national findings:

  • 10 states with the highest probation and parole rates: Georgia, Pennsylvania, Idaho, Ohio, Rhode Island, Michigan, Mississippi, Arkansas, Indiana and Texas.
  • 10 states with the lowest agitation rates: New Hampshire, Maine, Utah, West Virginia, Nebraska, New York, Kansas, New Mexico, Virginia and South Carolina.
  • North Dakota has increased use of probation and parole by 30.7% since 2012, the highest increase, while use of these tools dropped by 42.3% in New Mexico.

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