The hit writer of “Old Town Road” is partnering with student success company Scholly on the project. Scholly is an innovative site that is “connecting students to millions of unclaimed scholarships,” according to CEO Christopher Gray.

“Before his music career took off, Lil Nas X was like many high school students scrambling to find ways to pay for college. Because he knows how hard it can be to find money to pay for college, he was eager to help students reduce student loans and get the word out about all the ways to help students succeed,” Gray said in a statement.

“Not too long ago, I was in college racking up student loans,” Lil Nas X says in the video announcing the partnership. “I still understand the challenges my fans have when it comes to paying for school.”

Gray started the platform as a way to help the worsening student debt crisis in America. He says he was able to make his way through college by securing more than $1.3 million in scholarships and decided to spread the word about how he did it.

To qualify for one of the $10,000 scholarships, students have to go through a two-step process that involves writing an essay. The scholarships can be used for enrollment at any college or university.

According to Time, more than 44 million Americans have over $1.5 trillion in student loan debt. As more than half of all jobs require at least a bachelor’s degree, the amount of student loan debt will increase.

While the current number of Americans with student loan debt sits at 44 million, those borrowers often struggle to manage daily necessities and bills. Despite the federal government offering assistance through various programs, they are often restricted to a few careers. Still, much more can be done to help Americans pay off their student loans while managing a comfortable lifestyle. 

The contest starts on December 17 and will wrap up on May 15, 2020. Participants can head to Scholly’s website to sign up or use their app.